Back to School with Fun Fall Crafts

by Stephanie Goins on August 24, 2011

Fun Fall Crafts

Back to School with Fun Fall Crafts

Fall brings many new beginnings in households everywhere. Not only are the kids back to school after a long summer break, but the weather takes a turn for the cooler side, and colorful leaves find their way into our backyards in abundance. With so much learning, seasonal changes and color in our lives, it’s hard not to be inspired to create. Here are some great ideas for turning fall into a fantastic time for art at home or at school. Celebrate the season by getting out the paint and get ready to get messy!

Let leaves get colorful in your home
Sometimes, a great fall art project takes nothing more than a step out your own front door. This easy leaf print allows children to hunt for a leaf they love outdoors, and then pick out bright paints to create a brilliant and bold print of their own creation. Use a variety of colors to create a single, tie-dye effect with one leaf, or make multiple prints of many leaves in solid colors and create an entire fall scene to enjoy!

Backpack hangers
Nobody said that going back to school was easy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun for parent and child. While children might not find the idea of the return of homework enticing, parents can help them get ready to study and stay organized with the addition of a great chalkboard, backpack hanger. Take a little time to decorate a simple wall hanger with bold and bright colors, than add a small chalkboard to keep your little ones in line and on time. Leave fun messages for your family members or homework reminders to make the transition from summer to fall not only smart, but beautiful!

Crochet a pencil pouch
When all those sharp #2 pencils start piling up, it’s inevitable that your kids will need a place to keep them, and keep organized. A great way to combine school supplies and creativity is to make their container a fall craft project. Set aside some time to crochet your own personal pencil pouches, and watch a single pencil pouch become a personalized child’s delight at home and at school. Not only will they have something unique to take to their classroom, but your children will have picked up a brand new skill as well!

Give the leave a hand
If hunting for leaves in the blustery outdoors isn’t your family’s style, your creative endeavors can come straight from home. These memorable hand prints in autumn colors will not only be a great memory of your growing child, but is an easy way to create a season craft that only requires paper and paint. Add as many hand prints as you like to see a tree of autumn leave appear before your eyes!

Fall is the perfect time to combine new starts with colorful creativity. Don’t be afraid to stretch the limits when it comes to letting seasonal changes inspire your mind, and give your kids free reign when it comes to creating a world of color in your home!