Transportation Room Makeover in England

by Stephanie Goins on June 25, 2012

Transportation Themed Kids Bedroom

Parents Gary and Terri of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, chose one of the fabulous products from My Wonderful Walls for a really special project. Here they talk about why they chose our products and about the “wonderful” person whose room they were creating…

My Wonderful Walls: Who did you choose this wall mural for?

Terri: We created this room for our 2-year-old son, Connor.

My Wonderful Walls: Which My Wonderful Walls product did you pick for Connor?

Terri: We picked the “Transportation Fascination” stencil kit.

My Wonderful Walls: Why did you pick that theme? What about Connor made you think that the Transportation theme would really be perfect for his room?

Terri: Connor loves all kinds of transportation. He really likes to watch different types, point them out, and make their sounds. His favorite toys are his cars and trains. We thought it would be a lot of fun for him to have a room full of the transportation theme that he loves.

My Wonderful Walls: How did he react when he first saw his Transportation wall mural?

Terri: Connor was so excited! He loved all of the colorful things on the walls and went around the room pointing out all of the things that he already knew and asking about the ones that he didn’t recognize.

My Wonderful Walls: Does Connor ever make up stories or play imaginative games that involve his Transportation theme wall mural? Can you tell us about it?

Terri: We can’t usually tell what Connor is thinking or if he is playing any specific games imagining with his wall mural because he is so young. Before he goes to sleep, however, he always talks to his stuffed animals—and he always mentions the airplane and his “choo choo train!”

My Wonderful Walls: How comfortable are you with crafty things like this? Would you describe yourself as artistic?

Terri: We have big visions! We have lots of ideas about how we would like finished projects to look but I wouldn’t really call us artistic—we couldn’t do anything like this without stencils.

My Wonderful Walls: How did you like the wall mural painting experience? Did it live up to your expectations?

Terri: It was great being able to put the stencils wherever we wanted to around the room and paint Connor’s favorite things on the walls.Hot Air Balloon Stencils

My Wonderful Walls: Did you add any personal touches to the mural?

Terri: We haven’t added anything personalized yet, but we are planning on putting Connor’s name on the airplane banner and are going to use the traffic light pole to keep track of his height.

My Wonderful Walls: What is your favorite part of the wall mural?

Terri: I really like how you can make an area look really fun and busy, or calm and peaceful. Connor loves the walls that are busy with the airplanes and helicopter. I love it all---but I’m especially drawn to the peaceful part that has hot air balloons and a boat on a lake.

My Wonderful Walls: Do you have any tips you can give people wanting to paint with stencils?

Terri: We thought that the instructions were really easy to follow and had the answers to all of our questions. My tips would be to make sure you take the wall stencils off quickly enough after painting so that it doesn’t stick, and use only dry sponges so that the paint doesn’t run under the stencils.

We love the finished product that Gary and Terri came up with – thank you both so much for sharing this special room with us!