Celebrating the Season with Fun Halloween Decorations at Home

by Stephanie Goins on October 11, 2012

leavesAutumn means a variety of changes in life, including a chill in the air, school work finally in full swing, and a colorful palette of leaves that begin to cover the ground. It also means one creepy crawly holiday is on its way—without a doubt, it’s Halloween!

Whether you celebrate in cool, creepy or cute style, this is one of the holidays that provides a free pass for fun home decoration inspiration. What’s better is that many Halloween DIY projects are most enjoyable when mom, dad and kids get creative all together! Let My Wonderful Walls help. Don’t let Halloween pass you by without taking some time out for a creative project to celebrate this yummy seasonal treat of a holiday.

Count on the candy early on
Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a bucket load of candy to complete the night. In anticipation of tasty treats to come, and possibly a way to provide kids with a little inspiration as their costumed night approaches, try incorporating candy into your decoration schemes early! These candy globes don’t only make taste buds water, but they combine the colors of the season into your home. All it takes is a Styrofoam ball, adhesive and some of your favorite Halloween treats to create eye candy fit for your home.

Give garlands a Halloween twist!
Many people associate garland with Christmas, but hanging decorations from the stairwell or over the fireplace isn’t exclusively for December any longer. With a little imagination, felt and puff paint, you can create an entire Halloween garland fit for the season! Feel free to include ghosts, goblins and pumpkins to make sure your holiday highlights are complete. Raffia bows to tie your pieces together will give the appearance of corn stalks, and incorporate an autumn celebration into your home’s seasonal décor.

Give candles a Halloween kick
This is a fun and easy way to bring new, holiday life to candles you already have in your home. Take time out with the kids to choose fun, pumpkin rubber stamps from your local craft store, as well as the candles they want to decorate. Then, simply stamp directly onto the candles and watch your Halloween theme come to life. Lighter colored candles work better as they allow vibrant paint colors to show up more easily on the smooth surface. Not only does this revitalize an old candle with seasonal pizzazz, but when you finally light the candle, it will add an eerie glow to your pumpkin picture. This makes your candle creation perfect for visitors when they set out for trick-or-treating on the big night!

Be inspired by the season
No matter what type of Halloween you expect to have, make sure to enjoy the season and use the weather and celebrations to inspire you towards unique DIY projects at home. Candy, fall colors and creepy crawlies can all be creative incentive when it comes to creating Halloween projects that are fun to do when you have time with the kids.