Incorporating Nature….Naturally!

by Stephanie Goins on January 02, 2013

When our friends at Better Homes and Gardens get inspired by the green outdoors, we tend to start thinking like naturalists as well! When we saw their article on how to go about incorporating beautiful and natural elements into home décor, we couldn’t help but imagine how a little natural boost could take our stickers, stencils and canvas to a whole new level as well! Here are a few ideas on how to bring the outside world into your home and highlight wall creations with some natural delights.

Colorful stone creations
A well-placed vase filled with colorful stones and playing host to a bouquet of freshly cut flowers could be just what your garden-theme sticker mural is waiting for. At My Wonderful Walls, we love providing customers with floral-themed wall décor, but what better to amp up your in-home garden than the addition of the real thing? Use an assortment of colorful stones in the bottom of a base to highlight your mural colors and keep your flowers firmly in place. This setup gives you the opportunity to not only change out the stone colors as often as you like, but your flowers as well!

Lingering leaves and branches
family tree wall stickerMuch like our friends at Better Homes and Gardens, we believe branches bring out the best in our nature scenes. Customers who have adorned their walls with the addition of a family tree wall sticker might want to branch out and see how adding a real twig or two makes family history come to life! Try applying branches directly to the sticker mural, or even setting them up on a close end table to appear as though they are a part of the surrounding nature.

Seashell scenes
We offer under the sea theme as a running theme for wall stencil murals, wall decal sticker kits as well as canvas art. Everyone loves a trip below the deep blue, so why not give your décor experience even more exciting dimension by adding real seashells into the mix. We’re all about supporting our customer’s creative genius, and love to hear when they’ve found a way to add a personal touch to our decorative themes. A hot glue gun and a beautiful shell collection is all it would take to add a few brightly colored shells to your sticker design or stencil. Attach directly to the wall, or maybe even use the shells to frame a piece of canvas art.

Feathers and more!
Many of our nature-themed murals incorporate birds or birdhouses, so for those who have purchased these decorations, feathers could be a brilliant touch to your scenes of winged-friends in flight. Easily purchased at your local craft store, feathers could be added directly to the wall, or used on a dresser or drawer placed underneath the image. Bring walls scenes to life by making it appear that your feathered friends left a souvenir of their trip behind.

A little nature can go a long way when it comes to interior design. Be sure to let us know if you find additional ways to add a little outdoor inspiration to your indoor décor.