Make Room for Rainbows

by Stephanie Goins on November 12, 2012

rainbow wall sticker decalNo matter what type of weather the season is bringing in, your home’s décor has the power to bring sparkle and shine into your family’s life. At My Wonderful Walls, we believe nothing brings more creativity and color into a room than a rainbow, and so, we’re celebrating these colorful creations and highlighting how to make a room magnificent across the entire spectrum of hues!

Disco Rainbow wall stickers
Shimmer and shine are sure to keep the kids happy year round, so why not add our new Disco Rainbow wall stickers to your decorating plans to make a room really sparkle. This textured decal glitters across two fluffy clouds, and creates a breath-taking view from great heights where a child’s imagination can soar! Add some extra clouds, a sparkling sun and hot air balloon to call the story complete, and let your kid’s have an adventure in their room every single day. These rainbow wall stickers are great for a boy or girl’s room as well as a nursery or possibly, an adjoining bathroom. Added to a painted background of your own creation, your walls will play host to countless colors that brighten up even the rainiest of afternoons.

Painted rainbow window blinds
And if you’re looking for a way to keep the rain at bay, why not take some paint to the blinds and make a rainbow of your own creation? These colorful wooden blinds bring the rainbow right into the room and keep clouds far from sight. Some acrylic paint and a little time is all you need to make stunning changes to any room and window.

Colorful bedroom curtains
If that’s not enough, a little more color can go a long way when you take some time to spruce up your curtains. There’s no need to do anything more than mix and match a collection of brightly colored panels, and watch your room transform from bland to beautiful! Curtains are a great starting point when it comes to taking your decorating scheme to a brighter level. Not only can they purchased without breaking the bank, but they’re easy to change out when new inspiration hits and you feel the need to redecorate again.

Walk the rainbow
From walls to windows, ceilings to floors, there’s no place a rainbow can’t be discovered in a freshly, decorated room. We love the idea of giving a room a rainbow that can be chased—literally. Don’t forget your floors when it comes to bringing color to your room. Simply take your artistic creation to floorboards, and create a rainbow that can be walked on. No matter where it leads, it’s sure to keep your children entertained, and their imaginations running wild for a long time to come.

Light up your décor with a rainbow lamp
The final touch to your colorful and creative room could definitely be a personalized rainbow lamp. We love the idea of taking those extra craft buttons and giving an old lamp shade new life with a little rainbow inspiration. Let your kids join in on the fun and when it’s done, step back and admire your handiwork by the light of the rainbow!