Creative Ways to Use Pumpkins as Fall Home Decor

by Stephanie Goins on November 01, 2012

Pumpkins as Fall Home Decor

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean that pumpkins have gone out of style. With plenty of them still in stock at the store or pumpkin patch, these orange accessories can put the perfect final touch on your autumn home décor. Durable, daring and seasonal, pumpkins can put an edgy twist on any autumn theme. So here at My Wonderful Walls let us offer you some fun ideas. Enjoy!

Finish your autumn look with a pumpkin vase
Flowers are a must-have when giving your home a fresh and fun look. So why not let a pumpkin play the role of vase? Easily carved into a variety of shapes and sizes, pumpkins make great homes for flowers that adorn your tables and countertops.

Paint a pumpkin, make a stylish statement
If you’re looking to utilize pumpkins in your home, but want to avoid a Halloween feel to the décor, consider taking a spray paint to the orange surface. Easily applied in silver and gold—spray painting a pumpkin can create a glistening and edgy appearance that fits in seamlessly with autumn decoration without looking hooky or spooky.

Give a pumpkin a technical edge
Your home office gets a lot of use, so why not include it in your autumn-themed décor? If you’re feeling a little adventurous and very creative, try carving a pumpkin to fit around your computer screen! While this look might not last long, it’s sure to put a smile on the faces of your friends and family.

Keep it cool—pumpkin style
If you’re not looking to cover your home in pumpkins, but do want to put the last few on your doorstep to good use, try revamping their purpose by creating organic, orange coolers! They could be the perfect addition to your next seasonal party, and will definitely keep guests happy and as they take delicious beverages from warm to cold and ready in just a matter of minutes.

Serve up the best of what pumpkins have to offer
While you’re at it, consider continuing the pumpkin trend by using carved out pumpkins as serving bowls. From chips and dip to treats and candies, pumpkins add a seasonal flare to your tableware without having to hit up the stores in search of the perfect look at all! If you’re feeling extra creative, try painting the outside of the pumpkin to make each bowl unique and eye catching as guests pass by and take a taste.

Paint up a pumpkin art project
Pumpkins don’t last forever, but they’re sure fun while they’re at home! Consider grabbing a few end-of-the-season pumpkins and creating an extravagant autumn projects for you and the kids. Paint each of the pumpkins with a funny, crazy or silly face, and then take a group pumpkin picture to hang on the wall. The pumpkins will be unique and fantastic, and your wall will hold a memory that’s one of a kind for years to come. Consider making the pumpkin picture an annual event so you’re children can see how their pumpkin friends change and grow.