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As fall fades into winter and the last of the leaves clutter up your freshly raked lawns, the trees once again remind us that it is time to change gears and pull energy within. Trees model a strategy of not only of surviving but also of thriving during the winter months. We too have to reorder our loves as the temperatures drop and the sunlight dims.

spring love flowering treeThe tree is such an emblem of nature, that we thought it a wonderful element to bring inside the house as well! For a young girls' room, how about our Spring Love Tree Mural Kit - pink and pretty for spring and summer, but fun and easy to transform as the seasons pass by adorning the branches with pressed leaves gathered on those lovely fall walks. Use a little piece of adhesive putty on the back of a dried and pressed leaf to stick it over the flowers. Doing this over the course of days and weeks of neighborhood walks and yard raking helps bring the seasonal change inside for your little one to enjoy. Once it is time to remove the leaves, the sticky putty will pull away easily, leaving the beautiful tree flowers behind once again.

 family tree wall stickerOur Acorn Family Tree Wall Sticker could be a wonderful Thanksgiving project on a Living Room wall. Children and their parents can place photos of family members in the acorn frames, and then add leaves of thankfulness around each one. Cutting leaf shapes from colorful construction paper, and writing on each one the things they are thankful for in that person will create a festive and meaningful holiday decoration.

family tree wall stickerBringing the Thanksgiving spirit into the community and demonstrating this gratitude in all aspects of our lives is something we can definitely pass on to our children. The Oak tree represents the ideals of strength and community, and offers a powerful representation of these things in your home all year round. Use the Classic Oak Family Tree to create a Thanksgiving tree at your local library, adding titles of books about the holiday’s heritage in the frames. You could even add a leaf with the child’s name on it under each book that they have read. A great way to share favorite stories, and pick up some new ones for your family!

 As Turkey Day draws near, a fun way to prepare hearts and celebrate the season is the make a countdown tree. Using one of our Family Tree wall stickers, prepare construction paper leaves by tracing your children’s hands and cutting them out. Next, write a number on one side and “something to give” on the other. You can count down the weeks and days and teach your family about serving others!

 We are excited to see what you do to bring the forest into your home this fall! If you come up with something you are bursting at the seams to share, please do! You can post pictures on our Facebook page or send them to me at


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  • Stephanie Goins
Comments 2
  • Anne Teixeira
    Anne Teixeira

    I love the tree idea. I am looking for a cheap way to change a room into a genealogy room and guest room. We only have family members stay with us. This way I could do my genealogy in the room when we do not have a guest staying with us. I like the tree idea. I am looking for more ideas.

  • Karen Hand
    Karen Hand

    I was fortunate to receive My Wonderful Walls’ Classic Oak Family Tree recently and must say how pleased I am of this product. The decal was provided with clear and consise instructions on how to apply the decal to my wall. I was in the process of painting the wall when I received the Classic Oak Family Tree therefore, I couldn’t immediately apply it; however, I must say that it is now applied and looks simply tremendous and offers my family a chance to remember long lost relatives of yester year. I will definitely remember My Wonderful Walls for any future purchases. Thank you.

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