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Simplify, bring it home, make it yourself...these seem to be the motto of this Christmas season. Making your own Christmas gifts can bring out the cleverness in you and your family; it can also spell some great family time for you and your children.

Food gifts
Everyone likes a little treat, especially when it is a tantalizing and distinctive little holiday indulgence that just screams “festive!” How about some absolutely delightfully decorated pretzel sticks? They are simple to make, fun to give, and what little girl or boy doesn't love getting their hands messy when candy and sprinkles are involved? For the furry friends in our lives, there is nothing like homemade dog treats to delight the pooch and the baker as well! (Just don't put them under the tree-or they'll be gone before Christmas ever comes!)

There are many important people in our lives that sometimes get overlooked even though the service they provide or the warm presence they give is indispensible to our days. The postman, the grocery store checker, and the librarian are just a few that have no doubt come into contact with you and your family this holiday season. Show them you care by helping your little elves make some yummy Christmas candy to deliver to them the next time you are out running errands.

Spa Gifts
Who doesn't crave a little pampering and body care – not to mention some relaxing down time in the midst of the holiday craziness? Spa gifts are a fabulous choice for any of the women in our lives, and there are many concoctions that you and even your kiddos will have a ball making. How about a Peppermint Face Scrub, which is both festive and simple to prepare? Or what about foaming bath goodies - they are not only entertaining to make, but also fun for all ages to use as well. From homemade soaps to hand-made washcloths, you can’t go wrong with giving something guaranteed to make the recipient feel pampered and special.

A little ingenuity and a few basic supplies can create a marvelous and cheerful gift that keeps on exuding the holiday spirit in which it was given. The wreath is a quintessential element of the season, and there are a few that can be crafted with your kids to produce fabulous results. A tea wreath is an inexpensive, colorful gift that is great for anyone on your list this year. A natural wreath will get you outside collecting organic elements, and when assembled it is a delightfully simple gift for the nature lovers in your family.

Handmade gifts are always well received and can often be more special to the receiver than a store-bought present. The time it takes to craft something with your hands lends extra love and importance to your gifting, making the season even brighter and more merry for everyone!


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  • Stephanie Goins
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  • Angela Ivey
    Angela Ivey

    I love the idea of the wreaths for a diy Christmas gift…we have some wooded areas that have lots of vines growing and I can remember as a child my mother gathering up the vines and twisting them up herself and making wreaths from all the stuff in the woods…we would put leaves and pine cones and sweet gum balls along with bows and silk flowers and stuff we just happened to have in the house…it was fantastic…I think I am going to try and do this! Thanks for bringing back such a fond memory of mine :)

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