Taking Your Headboard to Creative New Heights

by Stephanie Goins on February 02, 2013

Your bedroom is more than the place you sleep—it’s your personal haven of peace and tranquility. It’s the place you should be able to retreat at the end of a long day and feel secure and calm. Part of ensuring that peace of mind is making sure you have a bedroom that fits your style, and successfully achieves a particular atmosphere. Fortunately, redecorating your bedroom doesn’t have to be an exercise in spending your life savings. In fact, the smallest changes to your bedroom can make big and stylish impressions on the overall look. Whether you’re aiming for a chic hide-away, or a comfy, country abode—we suggest starting small and working your way up.

Changing up a headboard is a fun and easy way to make your room uniquely yours. It doesn’t take much to amp up a headboard you already have from plain to perfection. Even if you don’t currently have a headboard, there’s a good chance you can use something around your house and make it spectacular! Here are a few ideas we love when it comes to giving your headboard a new kick, and making your bedroom a rainy day getaway you’re happy to run to.

Chalk it up to simplicity
This fun and potentially fancy headboard idea takes your bed to a new artistic level! Instead of investing in a permanent fixture, why not turn your back wall into a chalk board where your headboard can be reinvented daily? This gives you the option of changing your bed’s look to fit your mood, and gives your room a personalized touch you won’t find in a store.

“Stick” with a great headboard
At My Wonderful Walls, we believe stickers and stencils have the power to make a creative difference. Changing up your bed may not involve switching out your existing headboard at all. Consider adding a few wall stickers or wall stencils and give the headboard you love, new life! If you don’t want to add them directly to your headboard, they can be placed on the wall behind the bed and will create the illusion of being the headboard itself!

Recycle and remodel to reach perfection
Not sure what to do with those rustic old doors sitting in your garage after your latest remodeling project? The answer might just be in the bedroom. Old doors and shutters can make the perfect headboard. They bring an air of antiquity to your room, and can be painted to fit your color scheme to a tea.

Upholster to upgrade
If you’re not in the mood for painting an old headboard, you might find the option of upholstering appealing. While it might seem you have to paint an already painted headboard…this just isn’t the case. Feel free to mix mediums when it comes to your artistic bedroom projects. Try upholstering your wooden headboard in a fabric that is vibrant and eye catching. This will not only give your headboard a new texture, but will completely change the look of your entire bed. Try picking a fabric that highlights an unusual or striking color in your décor palette, and watch your room come to life in minutes.