Princess Mural Makeover in Beavercreek, OH

by Stephanie Goins on March 29, 2013

princess room Recently we heard from another of our customers who wanted to share with us the story of how and why she created a 'big girl' room for her daughter, 4-year-old Rylan. Ashley, who lives in Beavercreek, Ohio, heard about My Wonderful Walls from a friend and began searching for something for her 'girlie girl' Rylan.
When she found our Princess Theme, she knew this would be perfect, as Rylan loves all things pink, glittery, sparkling, and fairytale related. Ashley chose the princess stencils to create wall murals for Rylan's room over the wall sticker set. She commented that she is all about details, and felt that she could create a more creative and free-form scene with the wall mural stencils instead.
According to Ashley, she enjoys anything related to interior design, and although she cannot paint or draw free hand, she had a blast using the Princess Theme Wall Mural Stencils. In order to help create her daughter's unique bedroom, she used all the resources available on our website - from instructional videos to photos, plus the tips on how to succeed at using the wall stencil kits.
Rylan was very excited with the process and thought it was fun to use the blow dryer to help speed up the drying process, which of course she was able to help with. Ashley made sure to paint the princess with blonde hair to match Rylan’s. Now this little princess has her own wall portrait to enjoy each and every day!
Once the room was completed, Rylan told her mom: "Wow Mommy! These are my big girl walls. They are sooooooooo pretty," which she said with wide eyes, grinning from ear to ear. For Ashley, her favorite part is the princess – maybe because Rylan loves her so much – and the castle.
When it comes to the room, Ashley believes it turned out exactly the way she wanted it to. She had a great experience using the wall stencils and plans on using another of My Wonderful Walls stencil kits for her son's room next.
Although she has never used wall stencils before, she was able to create a terrific place for Rylan to play, grow and imagine in only three days. She did, however, find that being patient goes a long way, especially when it comes to the painting process. She found that using two coats of paint really gave the murals a better overall appearance, but that waiting for each coat to dry before starting the next is definitely key.
Ashley is a mother of two, who takes pride in her home, loves to cook ,and considers her children her world, which is maybe why she enjoyed creating this room for her daughter. Because Rylan was so happy with the results, and she herself was proud of her attention to the details that made the room feel polished, Ashley mentioned that she'd make no changes when it comes to working on her son’s space, as Rylan’s room turned out "wonderful." The beauty of a project like this is that it can be a terrific bonding time for parent and child, which was definitely the case for this mother daughter duo.

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