Dinosaur Wall Stickers Help With Potty Training

by Tara Woodbury on July 12, 2013

 Decorating a Kids Bathroom

My Wonderful Walls wall stickers are definitely great for bathrooms as well as bedrooms but we were surprised to hear how they are being used in Silver Springs, MD. Mom, Brenna and Dad, Bruce wanted to take a boring brown powder room and create a fun and engaging kids bathroom that would help encourage three year old Tatum and eventually brother Pax, to potty train. Tatum is a dinosaur enthusiast but a reluctant potty trainer. Given the hours spent looking at dinosaur books, doing dinosaur puzzles, visiting dinosaurs at the Smithsonian and so on, it occurred to Brenna that a wall of dinosaurs just might be enticing enough to convince Tate to spend more time on the potty. She searched Etsy for dinosaur wall stickers and found our Dinosaur Days Mural Kit. Brenna says she is pretty artistic and is in fact a writer and publication designer but wanted something she could easily manage with a baby and toddler in tow.

She found our wall stickers were the perfect solution. All together the new room took about a week with taking the walls from brown to white, adding in the sky and hills and then putting up the wall stickers. Brenna says she would have loved to have painted a dinosaur mural by hand but just couldn’t spend the time and wanted to get Tatum interested in sitting on the potty as quickly as possible. Tatum couldn’t wait to get the wall stickers up and each step of the process was exciting to him. After the paint was dry, and it was time to hang the wall stickers, Brenna says Tatum was jumping up and down with excitement to hang the dino stickers with mom and dad.

Tatum played design consultant in hanging the stickers on the walls.  He made up stories as they hung them. The T Rex, for instance, is chasing the Triceratops who is chasing the leggy bug who is running for the bushes for safety. The Pterodactyls mom is out flying with her children, and she keeps telling them to stay away from the volcano! After seeing pictures, several of their friends have remarked that the mural looks like it was painted by hand. And yes the decorating continued to the commode!

Brenna says they’ve used other stickers in the past and found the My Wonderful Walls’ wall stickers thicker and more vibrant. Also, Tatum’s favorite dinosaur, the parasaurolophus is included and he LOVES the bug stickers.

Both Brenna and Bruce enjoy encouraging their sons' interests, which range from dinosaurs to sea shells to monster trucks. They look forward to years of story-telling in the Dino Potty. Brenna joked it may take years for the potty training to be completed but at least they’ll be surrounded by smiling stegosaurs and otherwise great scenery!

Now it’s your turn! Comment below with any other helpful potty training tips you have used.  

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Blog post written by Tara.