Teddy Bear Stencils Are a Hit in Burbank, CA

by Tara Woodbury on September 05, 2013

Teddy Bear Nursery Mural

One of the great things about working so closely with our customers is that often conversations we have with them spark ideas for new wall mural products. So when Cindy in Burbank, CA came to us in search of Teddy Bear Wall Stencils and Michael heard how hard it was to find any out there, he immediately was inspired to create a new wall stencil kit. Here’s what Cindy had to say about her experience working with My Wonderful Walls and creating her son, Alex’s nursery.

My Wonderful Walls: Tell us a little bit about yourself and who the mural is intended for.
Cindy: Well, let's see. I am a high school Spanish teacher on maternity leave at the moment. I also sing and have been known to get on stage now and again. I moved to LA to be an actress but found I really enjoyed kids and being in the classroom. I also enjoyed the steady paycheck. Now with my little one, I love being with him. I would call myself a do-it-yourselfer and the creative type. I love projects and crafting. I have a scrapbook of my son's first year that I am putting together and I am in the middle of sewing a table cloth after being inspired by sewing my son's name onto fabric, for his wall in his room. (That was the first thing I ever sewed) So now I am thinking of getting a sewing machine and also making a duvet cover for our bed. I find that decorating is very soothing and very fulfilling to me. I love creating things and knowing that I did it myself. The mural is for my son Alex, 7 months old.

MWW: What product did you purchase?
Cindy: Teddy Bear & Forest Friend stencil kits as well as the giant tree

MWW: Tell us a little about why you choose this theme and/or how is this mural a good fit for his personality and interests?
Cindy: I already had the teddy bear theme, because Alex is gentle and sweet natured. But I could not find ANY paintable wall stencils of teddy bears. In my search I found My Wonderful Walls and called them up to ask if they would consider making a tree branch stencil and a teddy bear stencil. They agreed and they came up with this design which I love! I combined it with the giant tree and forest friends stencils.

MWW: What was Alex’s reaction to the wall mural when he first saw it?
Cindy: He saw it little by little as it was happening, since he was at home with me and I was painting over the course of a few weeks, while he slept with us in our room. But I do remember him being fascinated with the giant tree and the colorful leaves when he saw them.

MWW: Why did you choose stencils over stickers / or stickers over stencils?
Cindy: At first it was just because the wall decals I bought from another company would not stick to our wall because we do not have a smooth surface. But as I looked around, I wanted to opportunity to customize his room the way I wanted to. Paintable wall stencils were the way to go.

MWW: How long did it take you to complete the project?
Cindy: One month, with starting and stopping and taking care of a small baby at the same time.

MWW: What did you enjoy about the wall mural creation experience? Was it what you had expected?
Cindy: It was so fun and fulfilling knowing that when I peeled off the stencil, something cute and perfect would be left there on the wall. I do not have the artistic skill it takes to paint free hand, but I like things to look good, so the only way was to get stencils or to have someone else paint it. I love that I can say; I painted my son's room.

MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the standard wall mural you received?
Cindy: I made the tree have all leaves instead of flowers and leaves because the flowers were too girly for his room. Also they were of all different colors, red, purple, blue and green. I also made blue and red bees as well as black and white. Other than that, I added his name which is sewed on to fabric and nailed onto his wall, so that is not a stencil. Other than those few things, I just used the stencils and it came out fantastic.

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece or favorite scene you created? If so, please describe.
Cindy: I love the colorful tree. My son loves the outdoors. We can tell already he is going to be an outdoor kid. His love of nature is what inspired this whole thing. We really wanted to be able to put up trees with leaves. So I love the giant tree with all of its color. I also love the hanging bears and falling leaves. I think the whole thing is just perfect for Alex.Teddy Bear Wall Stencils

MWW: Do you have any helpful tips for people who use our products?
Cindy: The great thing about these stencils is that they already have adhesive on the back. Most other stencils do not. This factor makes it very easy to handle and minimizes mistakes and leaks. I cannot imagine having to spray on adhesive to all of these, it would have made it a nightmare, so the fact that they just stick is amazing.

MWW: Tell us a little about your experience with the product and with the My Wonderful Walls folks in general.
Cindy: Words cannot describe how happy I am about having found this company. Their customer service is wonderful was looking for a good way to create a Teddy Bear themed nursery for my son and I had tried wall decals, which you can find a plethora of, but they did not stick well to my walls as the walls are not smooth. I already had the bedding and curtain valances and did not want to start all over again. I searched and searched for paintable wall stencils of teddy bears but could not find any. I finally decided to add bumble bees to my design and perhaps find a creative friend to paint the teddy bears. So in my search for bumble bees I found MyWonderfulWalls.com I tried out their bumble bee stencil and loved it! I was nervous because I had heard that paintable wall stencils were a pain to do, but I found these stencils to be simple, easy and not to mention, very cute! So I decided I was going to piece together something using as many of their stencils as I could. I was then looking for a wall stencil of a tree branch that would match the whimsical look of the rest of their stencils and could not find it, so I decided to call them up. I spoke with Michael on the phone and explained my situation and he and his team decided to not only make the tree branch stencil but decided to create a Teddy Bear Themed wall stencil kit. He kept me in the loop and we emailed back and forth about the design and every email I received was nicer than the next and very professional. In the end he created an entire new kit in a very timely fashion and that is what I ended up using on my walls. I was truly amazed at their professionalism and talent. This is not to say that they will always do a custom order, but since there were no other Teddy Bear themed stencils I am sure it was worth their while. So if Teddy Bears are what you are looking for, and you do not want to do decals....you should look no further than here...they are wonderfully easy to paint and come out looking so cute. I have had so many compliments on the room. You really cannot go wrong with these stencils!

Thank you Cindy for your high praise and helping to inspire a new stencil product. We are sure others will love the Teddy Bear stencils as much as you and Alex do. Just goes to show that even a novice do-it-yourselfer can make something gorgeous with a little help!

If you’ve been thinking about redecorating or creating a nursery, try our wall stencil kits or individual stencils and let your imagination take over. Our wall stencils are available at our main page as well as coordinating paint and brushes to make your project even easier.


Before PicturesTeddy Bear Wall Mural

Before and after shots of Alex's teddy bear themed nursery



Blog post written by Tara.