Ocean Wall Stickers Create a Splash in British Columbia

by Tara Woodbury on September 18, 2013


Ocean Themed Nursery

When Gina and Brent found out that they were expecting, they couldn’t have been happier. Gina has always enjoyed hanging out with her friends and their kids and was excited to become a mom herself. She describes herself as someone who loves to cook but is not so great at cooking potatoes. Dad, Brent, is a self-described geek who likes computers and playing board games like Carcassonne with Gina and friends. They both wanted to create a nursery mural full of whimsy and color for their four month old son, Thomas. When a friend told Gina about My Wonderful Walls, she found the Under the Sea Wall Stickers and thought the kit was a great match for the CoCaLo Turtle Reef bedding they had already purchased.

Mom, Gina, said that she really loved the patterning of the wall stickers and compared to other stickers she has seen, the quality couldn’t be beat. The parents liked the idea of using wall stickers rather than painting a mural for ease. They decided to paint sand and mountains and pulled in Anita, Gina’s mom, to help. The pair enjoyed working together with grandma and found the stickers came off the backing paper and on to the walls with ease. Not experts by any means, the couple found that working together to create the ocean themed room was alot of fun. They appreciated that My Wonderful Walls wall stickers look painted on and don’t have those clear edges many other wall stickers do. Once the couple finished placing the wall stickers, they felt they needed a little more for the room so Gina contacted Stephanie who worked with her to provide the specific extra wall stickers she requested. Once they added those, the room felt complete and their son would now be surrounded by a realistic marine scene!

To finish off the room, Gina and Brent added a custom sign with "Thomas" on it to the door along with the plush pieces that matched the bedding. Gina says their favorite part of the mural is the scene above Thomas’ crib where “Doctorpus” the octopus (named after Dr. Who) hangs out. She also placed the crab on the tiny spot of sand between the door frame and the dresser. She says this part of the room always makes her smile. Gina and Brent say that as Thomas gets older he is loving looking at all the ocean creatures on his wall. They look forward to him being old enough to make stories up with them about his “friends” and to the three of them dressing up for Halloween (as Shrek, Fiona and baby of course).

Under the Sea Wall MuralOcean Themed Mural for Kids


Blog post written by Tara