Jungle Wall Stickers For a Gender Neutral Nursery Mural

by Tara Woodbury on September 25, 2013
Jungle Safari Nursery Mural

When parents are expecting their first child and don’t find out the gender of the baby, they often are torn between creating a neutral nursery and making it as unique and fun as they can. Animal themed wall murals can be a perfect way to create that gender neutral nursery without sacrificing personality. Ian and Hannah in the U.K. found that our Jungle Safari Wall Stickers would allow them to create a room for their son or daughter that would help to inspire a love of animals. Because the stickers are mainly animals and trees, they are not too girly or too masculine and with a little customization in the background painting, the expectant parents created a great look for a boy or girl’s room!

Ian tells My Wonderful Walls they were searching for some inspiration for a Jungle Safari Themed Room and up popped our website. They couldn’t find anything similar in the U.K. so the parents to be contacted us and we were able to send out samples of our wall stickers and stencils. Ian had concerns that neither would stick well to their textured walls. He was pleasantly surprised that our wall stickers stuck so easily and so well and decided that it would be easier to create a mural using these than painting each piece individually. 

The next step was to paint a background. The couple felt doing a blue sky and green grass would make it look more like a boy’s room so they decided to paint the walls yellow like sand with a little blue for the sky and make it a safari themed nursery. They are both animal lovers so the most important element was the large animal wall stickers that they hope will inspire the same love in their child. Ian said he was a little nervous about hanging up the giant trees that are taller than Hannah but they worked together and it was a breeze. In fact, he told us it only took them 30 minutes to create the mural (not including painting). 

Ian said his favorite stickers are the zebra eating down at the bottom of the tree and the parrot they have perched at the end of the baby changer.  The pair had nothing but praise for the service they received from Stephanie who helped them with samples and making up their minds on the product and the fast shipping they experienced. The next project like this is sure to be a collaboration between Ian and Hannah and My Wonderful Walls. 


Zebra Wall Sticker

Safari Animal Wall Mural