Mom Turns Playroom into a Village With Transportation Wall Stickers

by Tara Woodbury on September 27, 2013
Transportation Stickers


All aboard if you love the look of this playroom. Mom, Amanda, in Huntsville, AL says she has three boys who are very spirited and active. “Cars, trucks, and planes are the words each of them learned first! Therefore the transportation theme was the perfect choice!” she tells My Wonderful Walls. Mom had tried other wall stickers in the past and they left her less than impressed. Our wall stickers she says were thicker, durable and easy to put up. With Amanda’s flair for creativity and the help of 5 year old Ronan with the decals, she was able to create an awesome playroom for her three sons. 

When picturing a transportation themed room for her boys (Ronan, Jensen and  Fenway) Amanda immediately thought of small hills and decided to use the transportation decals to create a village. She describes herself as an avid scrapbooker who gets her artistic side from her mom who made her own holiday cards, painted and made wreaths and allowed Amanda the freedom to let her creative energy flow. Amanda has now painted her own 8 foot trees, striped and hot orange walls and the more projects she takes on in her home, the more confident she grows. She decided to paint her own small hills in the playroom and then allowed Ronin, 5, to help her with hanging up the wall stickers. Amanda recommends you have a helper with the larger stickers as some of them are hard to apply without an extra set of hands. But she found using our wall stickers a breeze and had the mural done in one day. 

When the boys saw their new transportation themed playroom Jensen and Fenway excitedly pointed to the different vehicles telling Amanda about each one. Ronan having helped with some of the decals was very proud and happy to see what he had accomplished with mom.  Amanda says her favorite part of the mural is the train wall sticker as it is the perfect size and climbs the hill just as she had envisioned.  They were even able to get a personalized banner reading "Let's Play" with the kit. The boys are still exploring their “village” but play along with their toy cars driving them alongside the train sticker on the hills. We hope that this room will provide them with a great place to imagine and play for many years to come!


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Blog post written by Tara.