Garden Mural Comes to Life in North Dakota

by Tara Woodbury on October 11, 2013


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Gena wanted to give her daughter Ella, age 4, a feminine looking room but something involving nature. When searching on Google for different ideas, she found My Wonderful Walls and our fabric wall stickers and found she could take her vision to reality with the help of her husband and our Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Kit.

Gena says she really enjoys decorating her daughters’ rooms in addition to enjoying time with her family and several sports. This Fargo, ND family created a surprise Splendid Garden Room with a few special touches for daughter Ella. Mom says she picked the wall stickers because she felt they would be easier even though she has some artistic comfort.  Dad built a headboard for Ella’s bed that looks like a fence and mom got a topiary tree to complete the look. Gena reports that Ella loves to look at the birds, butterflies and flowers and really liked her room. This is a new home for the family so Ella is still exploring her new space.

All of our wall stickers are made with SafeCling™ fabric which means they won’t mar your walls; they go up easy and come down easy. So if you need to rearrange your wall mural or take it with you on a move – you can without worry of ripping your decals. Gena was pleasantly surprised at the 3D nature of the stickers and how realistic they look. She says the quality was better than the competition. 

The one thing Gena suggests for anyone starting a new wall mural with our stickers is to make sure you have help with the tall trees.  It took about an hour to get the wall decals up in the room and the family is very happy with the results. She tells My Wonderful Walls the whole experience was wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful room with us Ella and family! We hope you will enjoy it for years to come. 


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