Airplane Wall Stencils Take One Iowa Boy Up, Up and Away

by Tara Woodbury on October 21, 2013

Airplane Wall Stencils

Flying can be exhilarating and when one little boy in Cedar Falls, Iowa got to fly for the first time, he was hooked. Mom knew his big boy room would be decorated in airplanes and helicopters but she knew from past experience she didn’t want to do wall stickers. Our individual wall mural stencils she found on Etsy allowed the family to work together to create an airplane themed mural as unique as their son.

Kaid, age 2 ½, has a big love for airplanes and when his parents asked him what theme he wanted for his big boy bedroom, he quickly settled on airplanes. Mom, Melissa, says she is addicted to online shopping and Pinterest and loves being able to create rooms tailored to her two sons. She had used wall stickers in the past but her boys like to pick at them and she found herself spending more time fixing the stickers then enjoying them. So she had promised the next room they decorated they would use wall stencils and paint. Her husband, Brice, is the creative one she says and was fairly comfortable with painting a mural for Kaid. 

They picked out an biplane wall stencil, helicopter stencil and two different cloud stencils from our individual stencils. The family was able to follow the instructions that came with the wall stencils easily and Kaid was able to pick color combinations he wanted for the planes and helicopters. Using a foam brush, dad used our self-adhesive wall stencils to paint the scene. It took a few days with five hours in total of actual paint time, allowing time for the clouds to dry to create this look. Melissa’s advice to anyone starting a mural project with our stencils, “don’t rush”. Melissa says the look on her son’s face when he saw his new room was one of pure joy! He is in love with his new room and likes to show it off to all who come to the house. Many folks ask if the mural was created with wall decals, says Melissa.  She had a great experience with her My Wonderful Walls purchase and will be recommending our stencils to others. Thanks Melissa!

For anyone looking to paint their own wall mural, our self-adhesive stencils make it easy as you just stick, paint and go. Now that we are offering all of the wall stencils found in our large kits, as individual stencils, the combinations and designs are endless! So if airplanes are not your child’s favorite, you can choose from themes like fairies, outer space, farm, animals and more. Visit the My Wonderful Walls store to start your wall mural project today! 


 Airplane Themed Wall Mural




 Blog post written by Tara