Adding Shelving Around Wall Decals

by MWW Office on January 19, 2018

Wall decals are a beautiful way to add some extra charm to any space. When looking for a way to make a space more organized, shelving placed directly on the wall can be a great help. How do you make your love of wall decals and your need for proper shelving combine perfectly without any issues? We have a few suggestions on this matter to help make it work in your favor.

1. Never damage the decal

Most decals are made to be reusable, so you want to avoid anything that leaves a permanent mark on the decal that would make it unusable later on without the shelving in place. For instance, most shelving units will require you to drill a hole in the wall to place the mount on the shelf. If you are adding shelving around wall decals, drilling into the decal itself will make it unusable later on, as well as create a bunching effect that is less than ideal.

2. Choose shelves based on visibility

Another thing to look at regarding adding shelving around wall decals is whether or not obstruction of the decal is an issue. For instance, if you have a patterned wall decal that covers the entire wall, adding a shelf to the wall won’t affect the overall look that much. However, adding a shelf to a wall with a more specific decal, such as an animal or a scene mural, would be harder to add shelving to because it would obstruct the viewing of the decal. If you are dealing with this type of decal, you would need to add shelving to the outside of the decal, but make sure you don’t damage the decal. If you have a decal that doesn’t take up the whole wall and you are looking to add shelving below it, be aware of how the items you intend to store on the shelf will affect the visibility of the decal. You want to be able to see the decal fully to enjoy it so make sure you don’t cover it up by accident with the shelf contents.

3. Choose a decal ideal for adding shelving

There are a few types of decals that are better suited to shelving needs. One of the most popular options is to opt for a tree decal and then add individual shelves on the branches so it looks like the tree is holding the shelf. This is an easy way to achieve both the desire for added storage space and beautiful wall art without looking out of place.

4. Switch to stencils

If you can’t make the shelving addition work with your decal, you can try removing the decal and stenciling in a similar design or a different one that is better suited. The reason for this is because with a stencil creation you can easily drill into the paint without affecting the entire piece of artwork.