Pharmacy Puts People and Pets First With Paws Park Wall Mural

by Tara Woodbury on August 26, 2016

Paws Park Mural

If you’ve ever filled a prescription at a pharmacy for yourself, your family or a pet, you know it can sometimes be stressful. Let’s face it, if you’re picking up a prescription it’s usually because someone isn’t feeling well. That was why John Platt, RPh, owner of The Wellness Pharmacy in Winchester, VA decided to add a Paws Park Wall Mural to his reception area. If he could make his customers smile a little when they came to see him, then maybe their day would be just a bit brighter. And because John is a dog lover and some of his favorite customers are the four-legged kind, he immediately gravitated to our dog and cat themed wall stickers.

John Platt, RPhThe Wellness Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy which means they fill the need when commercially available products don’t address a patient’s problem. John has been a pharmacist for over 30 years. He tells us that in his first job he was asked to make some special preparations for various patients when commercial products were not available. This is what inspired him to open a compounding pharmacy. Though the majority of his customers are people, veterinarian patients are a large part of his business. Sometimes helping his animal clients means coming up with new ways to deliver a medicine when an animal can’t or won’t take it orally. For example, many cats have thyroid problems but the owners are not able to get their pet to take pills. The Wellness Pharmacy staff can make a transdermal gel that can be applied to the inside of the cat's ear to deliver the medication through the skin and into the blood stream.

And John gets some funny requests from time to time like when the owner of a monkey he was making two liquid compounds for wanted some of the flavoring. Turned out the monkey refused to eat anything that wasn’t on the owner’s breath first.

An animal themed wall mural was a perfect fit for this busy pharmacy and when John went searching online for mural products he found My Wonderful Walls. After asking about making some custom additions to the Paws Park Wall Sticker Kit, John was happy to find he could add a few people and additional trees to the park scene. Though this was his first experience using wall decals, John found them very easy to work with and well worth the money. He painted a background sky and grass with a walking path first to make the mural really seem like a park. Then with the help of his wife Meta, his herbalist Deanna and two pharmacy technicians Diana and Connie, they added the stickers. The only difficulty they faced was putting up the custom large cherry tree which took three of them to get on the wall but is now his favorite part of the mural. He also really likes the white Great Dane and the personalized lamp post sign that reads “Wellness Park”.

Now that the mural is complete John says the reaction has been very positive and customers have even started bringing in pictures of their pets to add to the park. What a great way to make what can be for some a stressful time, a little bit easier! If you would like to add a dog and cat themed wall mural to your home or business, check out our Paws Park Wall Sticker Kit or stencil kit. And if you’re in the Winchester, VA area and in need of a compounding pharmacy, check out our friends at The Wellness Pharmacy.


John's granddaughter Kerry and his two dogs Cosmo (left) and Elmo (right)