They painted these SUPER FUN playhouses in only 2 hours!

by Stephanie Goins on June 25, 2019

Habitat for Humanity Playhouse

We love it when folks go outside the box with our products. Recently Calvary Community Church in Los Angeles partnered with Habitat for Humanity for their annual Serve Day, an invitation to all church members to actively involve themselves in carrying the love of Christ outside the church walls and into the community. They used My Wonderful Walls stencils to decorate these colorful playhouses. Their challenge was that they only had 2 hours to paint and 2 hours to assemble. The results are stunning!

Just how were they able to pull this off? Habitat for Humanity has developed a kit for children’s playhouses. The kits include pre-cut plywood for the walls and roof, pre-cut doors, windows, trim, hardware and roofing shingles. Jim B., church member and project volunteer, tells us that, “Calvary Community Church mobilized two teams of 20 each for painting and assembly at 9:30 am on Saturday June 1. By 2:30 pm (allowing the paint to dry over a one-hour lunch), our two playhouses were complete.” Jim also tells us that the Habitat for Humanity support team on site was impressed with the effectiveness of the stencils and just how uniquely fun and colorful these playhouses turned out to be. Yay!

We thank Calvary Community Church and Habitat for Humanity for allowing us to share this fun project with you and congratulate them on a job very well done!

Calvary Community Church, Serve DayCalvary Community Church, Serve DayHabitat for Humanity PlayhouseHabitat for Humanity Playhouse