Tips for a Cozy Nursery

by MWW Office on January 25, 2018

When you welcome a new addition to the family, you want to make sure everything is perfect before you bring them home. For most parents, this means creating a beautiful nursery to bring baby home from the hospital to an oasis of comfort. Here are a few tips for a cozy nursery to help baby get settled in.

1. Pay attention to lighting

One of the best tips for a cozy nursery is to pay attention the lighting plan. The lighting should be soothing and gentle enough for baby, yet still offer visibility and stimulation. A great way to do this is with natural light from windows. You want to avoid it being too bright, so adding drawable shades in layers so you can adjust the light pouring in as needed is a popular choice. Of course, natural lighting will not be the only type you use since nighttime lighting is still a priority. To keep artificial lighting cozy, choose a warmer color temperature in terms of color output. A more yellow-tinged bulb will create a cozier feel than a bright white bulb.

2. Consider the walls

Another one of the best tips for a cozy nursery is to add something lively to the walls with either decals or stencils. A nursery with empty, boring walls isn’t as inviting and cozy as one with a beautiful full wall mural or even a few carefully placed wall elements. The color is also important. When looking to create a cozy nursery, choose colors that are more muted rather than more vibrant. For instance, a light pink or light green would be preferable compared to a bright pink or red tones.

3. Create a cozy nook area

Every nursery deserves an area that is designated for the joys of cuddling your new baby. Any parent will tell you that rocking a baby to sleep is a special privilege and a cherished memory. To make these moments easier, you need a designated area that is warm and welcoming for both the baby and the parent. A comfortable chair, whether a rocker or just a lounging chair to cuddle in, as well as a footstool or ottoman to help create more comfort, is ideal for this crucial area that will remain in your baby’s life through toddler years. You should also add soft blankets, a pillow for back support for the parent, and gentle lighting that is dimmable for added cozy appeal.

4. Choose soft flooring

One of the easiest ways to create a cozy space is to choose the right flooring. For a nursery, stay away from tile, hardwood, or carpet that is firmer. It is better to choose a softer, fluffier carpet, or fluffy rugs placed over firmer carpet at the very least, because your baby deserves a soft place to explore as they grow and begin crawling and later walking. It is important to think of a nursery as a room to grow in rather than just for the little newborn you are bringing home.