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Tell Stories with Wall Murals 1

Storytelling with Wall Decor

Countless stories can be told from the murals on your walls. Wall murals spark the mind's eye and lend to infinite storytelling possibilities.  You don’t need a book to tell stories….  just your imagination!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

The “story stool”— Place a stool in the middle of the room and call it the “story stool”. The person sitting on the stool gets to tell the story. This is great for any age. You will be amazed by the stories that children, even as young as 2-year olds, will come up with just by looking at the wall murals.

Use a flashlight Turn off all the lights and use a flashlight to illuminate different parts of the wall art. This helps the storyteller and the audience stay focused.  

30 second turns This one is great with a group of kid or whole family. Tell a collective story based on the kids wall art from start to finish, giving every one 30 second turns. Set a time-limit of say 2 or 3 minutes and see where the story takes you.

Put on a play Use the wall mural in the bedroom as a backdrop and put on a play. Dress up in silly costumes. Make sure to have the video camera handy, so they can watch it for themselves later.

Sing and dance — Break out the instruments (or pots and pans) and create silly songs and rhythms using the characters and designs in the mural. Example: Using the Forest Mural, to the tune of BINGO… “There was a fox up on the hill, and Dolly was her name-o. D-O-L-L-Y….”  

Teaching opportunities Teaching opportunities abound with the kid’s wall murals. Discuss colors, counting, shapes, animals, animal sounds, patterns, and so much more. Have your little point to all the different animals in the farm mural, and then talk about animal sounds, habitats, colors, diet, etc. Discuss how a train works or what makes a hot-air balloon float in the Transportation theme room. Count the number of fairies at play in the fairy mural or the number of tree flowers in the Splendid Garden wall mural.

Backwards and forwards Begin a story from wall A and end it on wall D. Then, use the same characters but tell it beginning with wall D. See how different the story becomes.

Illustrate it After a story is told, break out the crayons and paper and draw pictures based on the story.

 “No, that’s not right!” Tell a story based on the wall mural you painted but change it to include things that are obviously not correct. Let you child correct your silly mistakes. Example from the Ocean Theme:  “….her name was Ginger and she was a big yellow octopus.” “No, mommy. Ginger is purple!”

New version of a classic tale Adapt one of your child’s favorite stories to include the art on the walls. For example, turn The Three Little Pigs into The Three Little Dinosaurs or The Three Little Ladybugs.

How fun is that?! And remember, there is no right or wrong way to tell a story. These stories won’t be sent to a publisher for approval or rejection. They will be receieved with smiles and giggles. Your stories can be as short and simple or long and complex. Your stories can be silly, scary, wild, fun, adventurous, peaceful, lesson-packed… whatever! However you tell them, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised by how far your imagination and that of your children take you! Have fun and happy storytelling!

Create a Beautiful Nursery Without Painting the Walls! 2

One of the most creative aspects of decorating a child's room is painting the walls. Whether you use our beautiful wall stencils or not, you will no doubt enjoy painting the nursery in soft, pastel shades such as pink, baby blue, yellow, lavender or light green. A change of paint can do wonders to a room. It can brighten it up, make it seem more spacious, and give it a warm, welcoming look.

But some of us can't paint our walls. For many this is because as renters we are not allowed to paint. For others, it's simply a matter of personal preference - while many take great pleasure and pride in painting, others feel that it's simply not for them, and this is completely legitimate!

But even if you can't, or prefer not to, paint the nursery walls, your child's room can still look unique, pretty and bright. Don't settle for bland, boring posters! Instead, go with canvas wall art.

Canvas wall art allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. While keeping your wall paint intact, you get to create a magical, unique, beautiful nursery. You save time and work, and the price is so affordable, you won't have any problem sticking with your budget.

Canvas wall art can be personalized with your child's name, and its colors can be matched to fit your particular nursery decor and design. So even though it comes ready to hang, you do not give up personalization and you can still get not just a perfect match, but a truly unique design, made just for your child.

Canvas wall art is also a perfect solution if you worry about your child growing out of the design. It's much easier to change - simply hang a new set! And of course, many designs - such as this flower theme - are perfect for older kids too.

Holiday Decorating Idea for Kid’s Room Wall Murals 0

Holiday Wall Decor Ideas

So by now, you’ve probably already dug out the Christmas boxes and have either begun or finished your holiday decorating.  If you are like us, year to year, the Christmas decorations stay about the same. The ceramic reindeer from Aunt Emily sits on the side table. The one-armed nutcracker is placed faithfully on the mantel next to the scary looking elf. The annoying battery-operated singing snowman sits on top of the TV…  And it never seems to extend into the children’s rooms, who are the ones who are most excited about decorating in the first place. So this year how about shaking it up a bit with this super easy holiday decorating idea… wrapped kid’s wall art!

Wrapping existing wall murals is free and super to do.  Simply utilize what is already on your walls and in your wrapping paper bin.  This transformation is, of course, achievable for any room in the house but is especially exciting for the existing wall art in kids’ rooms and baby nurseries.

You’ll need:

  • existing picture/portrait (already hung on the wall)
  • holiday wrapping paper
  • bow and ribbon
  • scissors
  • tape

STEP 1.  Remove wall murals from wall.                                

STEP 2.  Wrap wall art with paper and bow.

STEP 3.  Re-hang and enjoy!

How about that for easy?! From farm theme wall murals to a hanging holiday decor in a matter of minutes. Go ahead, give it a try. You will love the quick and easy transformation... and so will your children!

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