Wall lettering is great if you want to personalize the walls of your child's walls or paint cute saying on the wall. It adds a great element to any type of wall mural or decoration in a bedroom, baby nursery, playroom, office, classroom, or anywhere! Watch to see how easy it can be. In this tutorial you'll learn how to paint wall letters using the transfer method. This technique can be used on walls, canvases, and many other things that you might want to put lettering on as a decoration. It requires no artistic talent – it is simple and easy! Anyone can personalize their walls using this method.


Transcript: Painting Letters on the Walls
Michael – Hi, I’m Michael from MyWonderfulWalls.com. After painting your nursery or kids room mural, you might want to add a personalized touch. Painting your child’s name is the perfect way to finalize a room. In this video, I’m going to show you a super easy way to hand paint perfect letters. I promise you that by the end of this video you will have the confidence to do it yourself. Also, on our website I will provide for you lots of sayings and words that go along with our mural themes that you might consider painting. Today, I am going to be painting the name Audrey. I have chosen my font, and for purposes of this demonstration, I have printed it out on a tabloid sheet of paper. Now most people will be printing on a letter or legal size, which is fine, and if you want really large letters, then print one letter per page. You can use this with any word processing or graphic software. You will need a small, flathead brush (this one’s about a quarter of an inch), painter’s tape, acrylic paint (I’m using a violet shade), and finally you will need one of these three things: either a very soft pencil (8B works best), some chalk (which many parents have in their craft box), or a pastel stick. First, turn your letters over. I am going to be using a pastel stick. I actually recommend a light color, but so that you can easily see what I am doing I have chosen a navy blue. Rub your medium of choice on the back of the paper, making sure you completely cover where the letters are. And like I said, you can use chalk or a very soft pencil; I just find the pastel to be the easiest. Tap off any excess. Now I’m just going to tape it in place. Use a ball point pen to trace all of the edges of each letter. Be sure to get all of the inner and outer edges. When you pull off the paper, you will have a transfer of your letters. Now, just paint between the lines. After your paint dries, you may need to wipe off any pastel or chalk residue. Since I was using a dark pastel for this presentation, I definitely have a little to wipe off. Once it’s clean, make your final touch-ups. And here it is! See how simple that was? As with our mural kids, there is no artistic skill required. Anyone can do it. Thanks for watching, and remember, at MyWonderfulWalls.com, we make it easy for your walls to be wonderful.