Get wall decor ideas and design inspiration from our extensive collection of customer photos. We love to see how our customers use our wall art, wall murals, wall stickers, and wall stencils in their own homes... and all across the globe. From the US to the UK to Australia, our kids wall murals have a presence. Explore our photo gallery and see gorgeous princess wall stickers, silly monster murals and perky polka dotted play spaces. Enjoy!

Splendid Garden Stencil Kit

Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Kit

Friendly Farm Stencil Kit

Friendly Farm Sticker Kit

Wild Jungle Safari Stencil Kit

Wild Jungle Safari Sticker Kit

Transportation Fascination Stencil Kit

Transportation Fascination Sticker Kit

Polka Dot Stencil Kik

Forest Friends Stencil Kit

Forest Friends Wall Sticker Kit

Forest Friends (for Girls) Wall Sticker Kit
Bugs And Blossoms Stencil Kit

Bugs And Blossoms Sticker Kit

Fanciful Fairies Stencil Kit

Paws Park Stencil Kit

Dinosaur Days Stencil Kit

Dinosaur Days Sticker Kit

Perfectly Princess Stencil Kit

Perfectly Princess Sticker Kit

Under the Sea Stencil Kit

Under the Sea Sticker Kit

Outrageous Space Stencil Kit

Outrageous Space Sticker Kit

Monster Town Stickers