Football mouse decal on wall
Football mouse decal with books
Football Mouse decal on notebook
Football Mouse decal above countertop
Football Mouse decal on stairs
Football Mouse decal on dresser
Football Mouse decal on luggage
Football mouse decal on laptop

Football Mouse in Mouse Hole Decal - Mouse Hole 3D Wall Sticker

$6.99 USD

Measurements: 5 inches wide X 5 inches high

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Step through the mouse hole, to a land so rare,

Where dreams come alive with a touch of flair.

Behold the decal, a sticker so bold,

A window to wonder, a tale yet untold.

In this mural's depths, a secret is found,

A football-clad mouse, on hallowed ground.

With pigskin in hand, poised for the game,

An emblem of passion, forever aflame.

This funny gift, a whimsical surprise,

For fathers and men, who wear their love as ties.

Football moms rejoice, in this homage so true,

A symbol of devotion, forever in view.

For coaches who inspire, and teams that aspire,

This football-themed treasure, they shall acquire.

Let it grace the walls, where memories are made,

A testament to the sport, so fierce and unswayed.

So embrace the magic, let your spirit lift,

With this sticker, a joyous, football-themed gift.

Through the mouse hole you'll go, to a world that's prime,

Where football reigns, in eternal rhyme.


  1. Super easy to apply - simply peel and stick
  2. Great for walls, windows, virtually any flat surface
  3. Made of removable vinyl with a matte finish
  4. Will work on lightly textured surfaces
  5. Can be used indoors and outdoors
  6. Repositionable, removable & mess-free
  7. Printed with GreenGuard Certified inks for low VOC
  8. Superb in quality and design

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