Cloud Wall Stickers Add Just the Right Touch to Noah’s Ark Mural

by Tara Woodbury on November 18, 2013

Noah's Ark Classroom Wall Mural 

Many of our customers find us when looking to create an entire wall mural with our stickers or wall stencils. And we’ve got plenty of products to help with that! But many of our customers find us when they just need a few finishing touches to an existing mural or want to stencil a design on a small area or furniture and we have just as many wall décor items to help with that too. For one couple in Buena  Park, CA, the Noah’s Ark Wall Mural they created for their Pre-K Sunday school class just didn’t seemed finished. So they added a blue sky and used My Wonderful Walls Cloud Stickers to create a little more “oomph!” in the scene. Now they have one awesome Sunday school classroom and some very happy children!

Madeline and her husband Doir have been volunteering at the Buena Park Church of Christ since their retirement about 3 years ago. Madeline was asked to take over teaching the Pre-K Sunday school class and as she has two grandsons in the class she figured it was a “no-brainer”.  She discovered the classroom was pretty drab and decided with Doir’s help she could make it fun and exciting; a real place to inspire the children to learn about God and the ancient world.  She began to search online for bible class murals and decided on Noah’s Ark because animals are always popular with younger children. She found a large paper Noah’s Ark Wall Mural on a different site that would go on the largest wall and decided to carry the theme through to the rest of the classroom.

Their first step in creating their Noah's Ark Mural was to prepare the large wall to adhere the paper wall mural which came in 4 sections. After the wall was cleaned and primed, Madeline and Doir added the special paste to hang the paper mural. Then they used transparencies and an overhead projector to pencil sketch animals and scenery on the neighboring walls based on the art they purchased. To paint the scene they used regular house paint. Madeline felt like they needed something more so they painted a blue sky and added our billowy white clouds to take their mural to another level. Because they had painted a blue sky in the background, Madeline wanted white clouds. Stephanie was able to help her make sure she got just the right clouds after a glitch on meant she was sent the wrong cloud stickers the first time. Stephanie gave her very personalized attention and made sure the right clouds that would complement the project were sent out. Madeline says using the cloud wall stickers was the easiest of the classroom makeover. She liked the fact that if she made a mistake in positioning the clouds, she could take the sticker off and re-apply easily. She also had nothing but praise for the exceptional customer service she received from Stephanie.

Zebra Painted BookshelfBut this couple didn’t stop with the walls! Check out the zebra painted bookshelf and giraffe styled desk that they painted by hand as well. This classroom project was surely a labor of love and when the children saw it, Madeline tells us there were lots of excited “Wows!” The children are now able to use the animals and scenery as a launching pad for their imagination. Many discussions about when the children first saw a zebra or giraffe are inspired by their classroom mural and all who see the Noah’s Ark scene love it including the adults. It is a room that can stand the test of time and My Wonderful Walls is happy to be a small part of it!

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