Train and Car Themed Wall Stickers a Hit in Altoona, PA

by Tara Woodbury on January 30, 2014
Car Themed Wall Stickers

If you’re wondering if you can create a great looking wall mural in your kid’s bedroom, look no further than Braylen’s room in Altoona, PA. Mom, Amy considers herself a decorating beginner and was unsure at first if she could create the same results she saw while searching online for boy’s room ideas. But with a little help from My Wonderful Walls and our fabric wall stickers, she created an awesome kids mural for her car loving son!

Amy told us that originally she had her mind set on purchasing wall stencils to create a car and train themed room for Braylen, age 4. However with her popcorn textured walls she wasn’t sure what the results would be. After speaking to Stephanie and receiving some samples of our fabric wall stickers, Amy saw that stickers would be an easy solution to her decorating needs. Not only did they stick great to the walls (Amy added adhesive to a few stickers to make sure they would stay on her textured walls) but they allowed her to create the look she wanted with two busy toddlers running around. She told us she had tried other wall stickers in the past but they didn't adhere to her walls. She was only able to use them on flat surfaces like the doors. My Wonderful Walls wall stickers on the other hand are sticking to her son’s walls very well!

After recently becoming a stay at home mom, Amy has become more and more interested in decorating her home but had painted just a few small rooms in her home before taking on this project. Amy said, “This can be done by anyone even with very little experience. The background was very easy to paint and the stickers were a breeze to put up.”  Which is really the whole idea behind our wall decals here at My Wonderful Walls, you don’t have to be an artist to create an amazing looking wall mural.

Amy said painting the background for the walls was done at night while her children were sleeping and then she was able to put up the stickers very quickly. Braylen didn’t help with the wall stickers because the room was meant to be a surprise.  She found a lot of really cool decor that fit in perfectly with the transportation theme including bedding to match. The train sticker is Amy’s favorite piece of the mural and mom and dad were able to add a train clock right above it as well as his train table right there too. Braylen is very proud of his room and likes to show it off. 

When asked what she would tell anyone looking to transform their child’s room, Amy said, “I think it’s easy to look at the pictures and think wow I don't think I could do that...but believe me you can! I thought it would be really hard...or that painting the walls would be too hard...both were a breeze...and so much fun!”

That's what we like to hear! If you're ready to start your kids room project today, just give us a call or send an email to We'd love to help you create the mural of your dreams!

Train Themed MuralTrain and Cars Boys Room
Blog post written by Tara