Under the Sea Nursery Makes a Big Splash

by Michael Goins on March 17, 2014

Under the Sea Nursery

Chris and Melissa in Cordova, TN shared nursery pics for their long awaited baby boy, who is due to make his arrival in April. We just had to ask them to be a part of our blog when we saw the wonderful Under the Sea mural they created for him. Using our fabric wall stickers and some great accessories the parents to be have imagined an ocean themed nursery that is sure to make a splash with baby Matthew for years to come!

Melissa tells us that Chris and her love the ocean and anything water related.  They have three saltwater tanks and two freshwater tanks and they figured why not put one of the saltwater tanks in Matthew’s room instead of a TV.  So the pair began searching on the internet for underwater ocean themed nurseries.  They came across a picture that had been posted on Pinterest and then followed that picture to our Etsy page. Melissa says, “Not only were the stickers EXACTLY what we were looking for, but we were buying local since we lived in the same state.” We find that pretty wonderful too!

Mom and dad to be decided they would go with our fabric stickers rather than stencils because they could easily move the stickers to another location if desired and it was less painting for the busy couple. Melissa says the two are just your ordinary parents. “We go to work, but still understand that you need to stop, relax, and let loose.  We love to go out in the water as much as possible.  Whether it be a lake, river, or beach we love it. We also love doing anything outdoors. We like to go geocaching, which helps us explore the area we are at and new places in other towns and cities.” So the Under the Sea theme was perfect for their firstborn son!

They were able to use many of the resources on our website to help them before they began and once they dove in, the experience was great. The couple painted their own sand bed and picked out their own colors, added a reef aquarium along with a custom shelf and curtain rod. They also added cast iron octopus door hooks, an octopus light switch cover, and a plush stingray on the wall. We love the octopus! All in their entire nursery took 3 days to complete. Octopus Wall Hook

Melissa tells other parents starting their own wall mural not to be afraid to move the stickers if you need or want to. She said, “Just like they show in the video they are indestructible.” And it is true that our stickers are virtually indestructible and easily removed without marring your walls!

As far as dealing with a mom and pop wall décor company, Melissa said, “The experience was wonderful! Being first time parents we weren't quite sure how everything was going to go fixing up a nursery.  Dealing with the folks of the amazing company was equally as pleasant as the stickers were.  We ordered our stickers during Black Friday, but they didn't skip a beat on e-mailing us to confirm the order and send shipping information.”

If you are ready to create your own Under the Sea Wall Mural or another one of our equally gorgeous themes, don’t be afraid to check out our online mural maker first or email us with any questions at info@mywonderfulwalls.com.   When you’ve completed your room like Chris and Melissa did, we hope you’ll share some photos too!

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Blog post written by Tara