Meet Featured Artist Laura González

by Michael Goins on July 07, 2014

Girl Wall StickerRecently, we added wall decals featuring art from Mexican artist Laura González to our store. Laura has actually been involved with My Wonderful Walls for some time now and was responsible for some of the art you see in wall stickers like the Under the Sea Wall Stickers and Classic Nursery Mural Kits and stencils like the Paws Park Animal Stencil Kit. Her original artwork is imaginative and whimsical and while most of her illustrations are more “kid appropriate” you will find wall stickers for yourself as well! Her artwork has been featured in magazines, educational books, didactic games, embroidery designs, and children’s poetry books, among others. We thought it would be fun to get to know Laura a little better. 


My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?

Laura: Monterrey, N.L., México 

MWW: Where do you currently live now?

Laura: Monterrey 

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How and when did you begin? 

Laura: I’ve liked to draw since I can recall. I do not know if it's something natural in children but drawing feels pretty natural to me, even if you can't do a “technically” good drawing. So, my parents took me to drawing classes for 6 months when I was around 8 years old. Then I studied Graphic Design and that is where I found illustration. A semester before graduating I started doing freelance gigs here and there and little by little it became more professional.

MWW: What inspires your art?

Laura: Anything and everything. Of course, the work of other illustrators and artists is a big influence.

MWW: What medium do you prefer? Digital? Acrylic? Water colors? Etc. 

Laura:  Lately, digital for regular collaborations. I prefer traditional media for relaxing time, sketching and personal stuff.

MWW: What is your favorite thing/subject matter to portray in your art?

Laura: Well, I like drawing animals, and I would say any kind of subject, as long as I have fun with it.

MWW: Where do you do most of your artwork? Describe your creative environment. Best time of day for you to create?

Laura: I do most of my artwork at home at my studio, which is just a plain room (so far) with my desk, drawing table and stuff; the best part of it is the view to my lovely patio. I am not so sure when is my best moment to create, but I feel very fresh in the morning.

MWW:  What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls sticker or stencil you have been involved with creating?
Laura: My favorite one is the nursery room (classic nursery stickers). I enjoyed working on it so much. 



MWW:  What are some of your other interests?

Laura: I like gardening; I am a little crazy about plants. 

Cats! I will grow old as a crazy cat / plant lady.

Music; I am learning to play the flute. Also, I like to listen to music (and who wouldn't?).

Science; I like to hear and read about it, there are so many great things out there. I probably do not have the studies to get a greater understanding of science, but the slightest things I get to understand are usually amazing.

Reading; though, I have left it behind a little bit lately... cats, plants and music won't leave time for it...

MWW: Where can people see more of your designs?

Laura: There is my website, and I upload dumb sketches once in a while at my twitter as @casquilla or visit me on Flickr.


MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?

Laura: I am an Illustrator full time!


MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls initially?

Laura: Michael contacted me through coroflot (you can also see my work there, by the way ) for a commission of stencil kit designs. That was back in 2010!


Thank you Laura for answering all of our questions and allowing us to get to know you better! If you would like to see more designs from Laura González in wall sticker form please visit her Featured Artist page on our website. Let us know what you think in the comments below! 


Hot Air Balloon Wall Decal

Cat Wall Sticker