Kansas Parents Create Farm Themed Playroom With Hopes for Future

by Stephanie Goins on August 04, 2014

Farm Themed Playroom

Many parents struggle with how to decorate a child’s room.  With so many options out there, one must pick between paint, wallpaper or wall stickers, as well as pick a theme that will last many years.  However, when designing a playroom for their new baby, Erika and her husband had it easy deciding what theme they should choose. Despite the fact that they decided not to find out the gender of the baby beforehand, they knew that they wanted a farm theme.  The theme was perfect both because it was gender neutral and because the pair shared a passion for farming.  

The Jaegers who live in Lakin, KS are all about the country life and are so excited to raise their children with that lifestyle.  They knew even before their baby was born, that their child was a farm kid and began to design a playroom to keep all of the toys.  The playroom would also double as a guest bedroom with two twin beds and a pullout couch. They are hoping to use this room as a bedroom for their young children as they continue to grow the family. Mom and dad went with wall stickers over stencils because they could still get creative with the stickers without pregnant Erika risking inhalation of too many paint fumes.  Also our wall stickers make it possible to move the elements around until they look just right!  In her experience with other wall stickers, such as plastic or vinyl, Erika told us she found they rip too easily and are impossible to move once they're in place. Our fabric wall stickers are made to be moved around and re-stuck multiple times without ripping or destroying your walls. 

The project took about 2 hours but it wouldn’t have taken even that long if Erika hadn’t been having so much fun with the stickers!  She says of her experience, “It was really fun! I loved being able to move all the pieces around until it was just right! It is a great way to decorate a wall without nails, frames, prints, pics, etc... It is much easier, and in my opinion, so much cuter!” 

The expectant parents only used the stickers showing animals that they had on their own farm.  This included Black Angus cows, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, and birds.  One of the best things about the Friendly Farm Wall Sticker Kit is the a la carte fabric decals that you can buy additionally.  We have 3 sets of extra animals, as well as clouds, cornstalks, flowers, and more!  They can often complete the farm mural perfectly, especially if you have a particularly big room.  

We are so happy to hear that the Jaegers enjoyed their experience with our products.  Even though their new daughter Annabelle, had yet to comment on the mural, we are sure that she will enjoy her playroom for years to come.  Here is Erika’s advice for those who are thinking of creating their very own mural: “Just have fun with it!!!! They recommend putting them on freshly painted walls, so you should consider what color background would go best with your stickers before buying. We chose a solid color so we could easily remove stickers and not have to paint again if we didn't want to!”

Thanks Erika for that great advice! If you are ready to start your next decorating project and are considering creating a wall mural, let us help you like we did the Jaegers. My Wonderful Walls has wall decals and wall stencils in many different themes, sizes and colors for every room in your house!


Expectant Mother Erika in New Playroom


blog post written by Elizabeth