Car and Truck Wall Stickers Perfect for Big Brother Nathan

by Stephanie Goins on September 05, 2014

 Transportation Themed Wall Mural

Becoming a big brother is a big deal! Boys know they have to show their new sibling the ropes and that they will be a very big influence on their sister or brother. Sometimes it means giving up the beloved crib for a big boy bed or moving in to a new room. So with all this responsibility should come some perks, right? We agree! So for all the big brothers (or sisters) to be out there, we want you to get your parents and have them check this kid's bedroom mural out.

Nathan in Ohio was expecting his baby sister to make her arrival in June and mom and dad thought a new room to match his new role in the family was due. After all, Nathan is a big guy now! So his parents, Tom and Beth, gave him a room decorated with a car and truck wall mural to help him with his transition. Here’s what Beth had to say about creating this bedroom mural:

My Wonderful Walls: Which product did you purchase?
Beth: Personalized Transportation Wall Stickers

MWW: Who is the mural intended for?
Beth: The mural was for Nathan who is our two year old son. He is getting a new baby sister in June 2014 and we wanted to make a big deal about him moving to a new room and a new bed. He did not see the room until it was completely finished. He was so excited about his new room that he loved sleeping in his new bed and we didn't have any trouble transitioning him out of his crib and into a new room.

MWW: Tell us a little bit about why you chose this theme?
Beth: Nathan absolutely loves anything transportation related such as trains, truck, planes, etc. The decals were great because we did not have to pick one theme but could have all kinds of vehicles in one pick. We also loved the personalized banner. Nathan loves to talk about all the vehicles and points them out to anyone who comes over.

MWW: Why did you choose wall stickers over stencils?
Beth: We painted the grass and sky ourselves and felt that was probably the extent of our artistic talents. We chose the stickers because they are mess free and VERY easy to move if you change your mind or mess up.

MWW: How long did it take you to complete the project?
Beth: To complete the entire room such as furniture, painting, and the decals it took about two weeks. It only took three days to actually paint and it only took a couple hours to put decals up once they came in the mail.

MWW: Can you describe your artistic comfort level?
Beth: We are moderately comfortable with DIY projects. We will accept a little bit of a challenge but we don't like to get too complicated. Mainly because it's hard to commit to something when you have a two year old running around "helping" but we like to do DIY to save money.

MWW: What did you enjoy about the wall mural creation experience? Was it what you had expected?
Beth: I was surprised how easy it was. I expected it to be a little messy with sticker getting stuck, not moving as easily, or hard to place but that was not the case. My husband and I had a lot of fun doing the project together. The hardest part was deciding where to put each vehicle because there were so many! The decals moved MUCH easier than I expected and I like the thick "cloth like" material they are made from.

MWW: Did you add any personal touches to the standard mural you received?
Beth: We had the banner personalized with his name. We painted the walls a sky blue and green grass to add a country side effect (although that was recommended). I also put picture frames up with car/truck/plane backgrounds which matched to add a personal touch of Nathan with his favorite family members.

MWW: What was Nathan’s reaction to the room mural when he first saw it?
Beth: He went around to each decal and said "Look, a plane/car/truck (etc.)". He also kept throwing his arms up in the air saying "my room!" as if he was very proud of it.

MWW: What else would you like to tell us about your family?
Beth: Tom works in manufacturing and I work as a speech therapist. In our spare time, we enjoy watching Green Bay Packers games, taking Nathan to the zoo and aquarium, walking our dog Sheila, playing frisbee golf, and visiting with our family.

Thanks Beth and Tom for sharing a bit about your experience using our fabric wall stickers! We hope Nathan will continue to enjoy his new transportation themed room. Now to all you older siblings to be out there, if you want a big kid room too, make sure to tell Mom and Dad to check out My Wonderful Walls.

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