New Florent Bodart Wall Decal Collection - Meet the Artist!

by Stephanie Goins on December 10, 2014

Florent Bodart Wall Stickers


If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Florent Bodart Collection of wall decals here at My Wonderful Walls, you missed this cool city living and nature inspired wall art. With a mix of the beauty of the outdoors and urban living, Florent has created some very unique designs. We are proud to offer you many of these surreal works of art as fabric wall stickers.

There is something for everyone in this collection! If you are a bike enthusiast, you might enjoy his Zest bicycle wall decal featuring a bike on lemon slice wheels in vibrant yellow. Zombie movie fans will love the movie poster look of Parazombies- Death from Above as a black and white zombie wall sticker. While music and film fans will want to check out Data a journey back through recording media times in a retro black and white wall sticker. Like all of our wall decals, the Florent Bodart Collection is made from SafeCling fabric, not vinyl! Our stickers have no white edges so they look painted on, won't tear and you can apply and reposition them with ease. 

Now that you’ve seen some of the witty and captivating wall art from French graphic artist Florent Bodart, it’s time to get to know a little more about the artist. 

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Florent Bodart: I was born in the east of France and grew up in the countryside.

MWW: Where do you currently live now?
FB: I live near Nantes, France. I think I won't stay here because I never stay very long in the same place!

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How/when did you begin?
FB: Yes absolutely. When I was a child I already drew some strange things as monsters or futuristic cars! I began to do graphic design around 5 years ago when I discovered Threadless. It has been my springboard for graphic design. The purchase of my first graphic tablet has also been a real help in my career.

MWW: When did it turn professional?
FB: It turned professional progressively but I would say 3 or 4 years ago. Now that's my full time job, and when I say full time, I mean FULL time.

MWW: Did you go to school to study art/graphic art?
FB: I didn't go to art school; I think I prefer to learn things myself!

MWW: What inspires your art?
FB: Everyday life, walks with my dogs in the forest, old movies, and music. I have 90% of my ideas just before I fall asleep.

MWW: What medium do you prefer?
FB: I love both digital (with graphic tablet) and paper (with pens or pencils). I usually begin my work on paper, scan it and then finish it on computer.

MWW: What is your favorite thing/subject matter to paint?
FB: Nature is definitely my favorite subject. It is so diversified - it's an endless subject!

Bird Wall DecalMWW: What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls sticker or stencil you have been involved with creating?
FB: Flying Bird is my favorite sticker I've been involved with creating. I love the fact that it has been cut out on the wings; it highlights the pattern in it. 

MWW: Where do you do most of your artwork? Describe your creative environment.
FB: I work at home, in my office. I made my own desk with wood and included a light box inside (very useful)! There is always one of my dogs sleeping behind me. I have a multitude of objects on my desk; they are kind of mascots- lucky charms! From my window I see a great field and a castle at the end of it.

MWW: Best time of day for you to create?
FB: Night, it has always been night.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
FB: When I don't draw, I create wooden housewares such as coat racks or coffee tables under the name of Derkman. You can see them on my Etsy shop, Derkman

Also, I have been making electronic music with my brother since I was 10 years old. Check it out on Sound Cloud.  I also love walks with my dogs and my girlfriend in the woods around my house.

MWW: Where can people see more of your designs?
FB: I have all my designs on my Society6 profile.

MWW: Is anyone else in your family an artist? Children? If so, do they also enjoy art?
FB: Yes, almost every member of my family is an artist! My father was a violin maker, so I and my siblings grew up surrounded by art and music. My mother is a wood sculptor; I have one sister who is a violin maker, one who is a bow maker and one cello teacher. Also as I said my brother does music with me too. So they also enjoy art, in many forms. Art is central by us.

MWW: In a few adjectives how would you describe yourself? Your art?
FB: myself - quiet, hard-working, creative and cat-lover! my art -  surrealist, poetic, fun!

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece of work you’ve done? If so, what?
FB: Hard question ! I would say Fishes in Geometrics because that's one of the only designs of mine I'm not getting bored of!

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls initially?
FB: The wonderful Stephanie asked me to join the club, and I'm really glad of their welcome! 

And we are so thrilled you are part of the club Florent! If you enjoy bold, funky wall art inspired by nature and urban living shop the Florent Bodart Collection at My Wonderful Walls.