Garden Wall Mural Make Sharing a Room Doggone Fun!

by Stephanie Goins on January 06, 2015

Garden Wall Mural for NurseryWhile we have a few wall mural designs that customers have used for creating spaces for their pets or pet business they are usually our animal park wall mural kit or cat and dog stencils. We really got a kick out of what Holly created with our Splendid Garden Wall Stickers for her baby Autumn who is now one and her fur babies, Auburn and Maggie.

When searching for nursery themes, mom Holly knew she wanted a garden theme for her baby’s nursery that was colorful and happy with pretty flowers. She searched for garden wall stickers and found us. Not only is Autumn enjoying her garden but the dogs apparently feel right at home in the colorful flower garden nursery. Holly shared the picture of littermates Auburn and Maggie enjoying their twin size “dog bed” in the new garden themed room. Auburn is the red shepherd mix and Maggie her yellow haired sister. Though this is Autumn’s nursery, the dogs are definitely a big part of the room and Holly wanted to include them in the fun as well. For the dog bed, she purchased a green fitted sheet to resemble the grassy ground and placed flower stickers just above it on the wall to appear as if flowers were growing up from the grass.

This Homewood, IL mom chose stickers instead of stencils because they are renting and couldn’t paint a mural on the bedroom walls. Though she used our virtual mural builder and found it very helpful and fun while waiting for the stickers to arrive, Holly says other than the instructions that come with the wall stickers, you don’t need a lot of help creating a masterpiece. This mom also claims to have no artistic talent and found stickers her best option to create a professional looking wall mural. Her parents even helped out on creating the room mural and they all had a blast working together to decide where to put the different stickers. She told us it took only a few hours to complete the garden mural for Autumn, Auburn and Maggie.

Holly gives our fabric wall stickers two thumbs up and notes they are very high quality. She told us, “They don't fall off the wall and the edges don't peel. They don't tear or get wrinkled-looking when you apply them. They lay flat and stay where they're put. We re-positioned a few multiple times and they did not get messed up by being moved, and they still stuck to the wall just fine. They truly do look painted onto the wall.” Her favorite part of the mural is the large flowering tree sticker. Holly said it really stands out and is the first thing you notice when walking into the room. It is a pretty impressive tree at 6 feet tall! She also loves how the stickers can be placed on furnishings in the room. She was able to place a small bird sticker perching atop a clock that her grandmother made for her on the wall…so cute!

If you’d like to create a garden wall mural for your children (or pets!) check out our Splendid Garden Wall Stickers as well as the Splendid Garden Stencil Kit so you can paint your own mural plus many more themes for babies, kids and animals. We are happy to help you create the masterpiece of your dreams!




Blog post written by Tara