Introducing Flag Art Wall Decals from Bruce Stanfield - Meet the Artist!

by Stephanie Goins on February 20, 2015

Bruce Stanfield Art Decals

The team at My Wonderful Walls has been fortunate to partner with some amazing artists across the globe to expand their wall decal collections. We have licensed art from abstract painters, photographers, digital artists and more, each with a unique style and body of work. One such artist we recently partnered with is Ontario artist Bruce Stanfield whose bold flag art has made a perfect addition to our existing wall decals.

If you love flag art or want to show off your patriotism in a fun way, you’ll want to check out this new collection of wall stickers including vintage and authentic designs. Those in the U.S. might like the United States Flag Wall Decal featuring the stars and stripe in bright blue, red and white. Canadians will find their beloved maple leaf in the National Flag of Canada Wall Sticker and anyone from Brazil will love showing off their Latin pride with this National Flag of Brazil Wall Decal. There are many more designs from countries across the globe as well. These flag design wall decals are produced with the same great tear resistant fabric we use for all of our wall decals. They are easy to apply, easy to reposition and won’t destroy your walls.

Bruce Stanfield, who originally hails from New Zealand, had a lot to say when we asked him to tell us more about his work and his life. Read on for a Q&A with this talented painter and photographer.

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?
Bruce Stanfield: Christchurch, New Zealand

MWW: Where do you call home now?
BS: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

MWW: Were you always interested in art? How did you begin?
BS: Yes, always been into the arts; drawing and watercolors as a kid, auto customization then music in my early twenties which well… I thought I sounded good! After the garage band thing, I went back to school and studied photography and film in Wintec’s “media arts” course which in turn started my professional career as photographer that specialized in commercial and fashion work.

After ten years of that I got a little bored shooting tractors and home furnishings, so I ran away to sea, as a ships photographer, met my wife to be, moved to Canada where I spent the next ten years. First as an assistant cruise director, then later I got lured back to the art world and became an onboard art director, which was fun and I learnt a great deal, met amazing artists, and had the honor of selling original Picasso and Chagall’s.

We left the ocean had a daughter and to settled in Ontario Canada. I work from home. I mix up my creative life; I paint mostly with acrylics and on large canvases typically 4ft x 5ft. Photography is still a part of my life, shooting stock images for image banks like Shutterstock, Bigstock and iStock.

MWW: What inspires your art?
BS: Just about everything I see! I am very eclectic in nature and my inspirations follow suit - I’m all over the place. I just bought a new airbrush and am looking forward to seeing what results from that.

MWW: Favorite medium?
BS: One day it may be an old school pencil drawing or airbrushing, then up all night with the Mac doing my digital thing.

MWW: What is your favorite thing to paint/draw/photograph?
BS: I “LOVE” abstracts, flags and drawing animals. 

MWW: Where do you do most of your artwork?
BS: I am blessed to have a studio in the basement which is where I can paint and photograph and time permitting play guitar. I have an office at home where iMac things happen.

MWW: Best time of day for you to create?
BS: Anytime as long as there is decent coffee around, I acquired quite an addiction to coffee since I came to North America.

MWW: What is your favorite My Wonderful Walls sticker or stencil you have been involved with creating?
BS: I am so thrilled with what Stephanie and Michael and the My Wonderful Walls team have done with my flag series and the way they have displayed them online. I love in particular the Air Force Themed Star Roundel.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?
BS: Cars, music, interior design, and my wonderful daughter, seven going on eleven.

MWW: Where can people see more of your designs?
BS: Fine Art America, Society6, Shutterstock, TheKASE (Europe), Displate (UK),  my website

MWW: Is anyone else in your family an artist or into art?
BS: My daughter, Satine, is art mad and we often paint together. She got her first online phone case sale last month! (You can check out Satine’s work on her Society 6 page here!) 

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?
BS: Good question, I think any “creative” type of career is hard to make a living from that alone. In the past I usually have a part time job to keep things going over the slow time, actually now I think of it they do provide me with ideas and inspiration. I change them up quite a bit, some interesting ones have been an armed guard, hardware store guy, security in a mental hospital (that was wild).

MWW: In a few adjectives how would you describe yourself? Your art?
BS: Eclectic, inspired and random

MWW: Do you have a favorite piece of work you’ve done?
BS: Some I like more than others, I have a large piece in my office called “Ombre” it is sold, the buyers are remodeling their house and asked me to store it till they are ready. I will miss it; I even have it on my business card, so right now I guess Ombre is it.

MWW: How did you get involved with My Wonderful Walls initially?
BS: It randomly came up in a Facebook feed. It intrigued me, so I wrote to Stephanie and Michael with some submission pics, and here I am and stoked to be here.


Thanks Bruce! If you enjoy showing off your patriotic pride, military background or ancestry check out the colorful flag art decals in the Bruce Stanfield Collection.