Princess Themed Room Becomes a Safe Space for Emily

by Tara Woodbury on June 01, 2015

Princess Themed Room

Emily is a beautiful little girl with autism who is non-verbal and loves princesses. Her parents wanted to create a safe space for her where she could go to calm down when she was feeling a little hyper. Mom, Carolyn, says being a parent to a special needs child is a challenge but every day is a gift and she lives to see her daughter smile. Carolyn and her husband knew that to make this room feel secure for Emily it had to be a beautiful, inviting space. With her love of princesses, creating a princess themed mural seemed like a great solution. Mom and dad chose to use stencils and paint their own mural rather than stickers for more permanent decor and the results were phenomenal.  After such a wonderful experience with the Princess Stencil Kit, Carolyn enlisted the help of her church day care students to create a safari themed mural for the church nursery! Here is more on these two great projects.

My Wonderful Walls: Tell us who helped out with this great Princess Bedroom and Jungle Safari Wall Mural.

Carolyn: Linda (Gramma), Fred (dad) and myself did the princess room and the kids at St. Pat helped me with the Jungle Safari mural.

MWW: Where did you create your murals?

Carolyn: Fayetteville, NC USA

MWW: Who was the wall mural for?

Carolyn: Emily (Lilybug) is 7 years old. She is non-verbal and Autistic and loves all things princesses! Then of course since I run the daycare for my church, I decided to paint a mural in the church nursery for the kids as well.

MWW: Tell us a little about why you choose this theme.

Princess StencilsCarolyn: Emily needed more space. She is a very hyper child due to her autism, so often throughout the day she needs a space to just be herself and calm down. We decided to turn the large room over the garage into her new bedroom/safe room, but were worried about how she would react to this new environment. Emily loves princesses so I knew right away we were going to make her new room a princess retreat for her. We kept telling her she was going to be moving into a pretty, pretty princess room soon and started hunting online for ideas. We needed something permanent because stickers and things of that nature do not last long with Emily. When I saw the Perfectly Princess stencil and paint kit from My Wonderful Walls I just knew it would be perfect!

MWW: Do your kids ever make up stories or create imaginary games involving the characters/scenes on their walls?

Carolyn: I imagine she does. I'll often catch her babbling at the animals or castle or princess and I can't help but think she must be happy in he own world with all her magical friends.  

MWW: What is your artistic comfort level?

Carolyn: I consider myself creative, but not a painter by any means. I watched your YouTube videos on how to make the hills and clouds (I'm still planning on painting clouds on the ceiling). I also looked at pictures of what other people had done on your website to get some inspiration. But really, the stencils did all the work. In fact, it was so easy that I decided to order a kit for our church daycare and let the kids do the painting. I ordered it and as soon as it arrived we got to work (more like play)! They had a blast and it turned out so wonderfully. Their parents were really proud to have their kids help beautify the church and we had a safari themed church nursery in just two days!

Jungle Themed Wall Mural


MWW: Did you add any personal touches to your mural?

Carolyn: I added some water to the fountain and gave the princess longer hair like Rapunzel.

MWW: What did you enjoy most about the mural making process?

Carolyn: I enjoyed being able to create such a magical space for my little girl. Every day I see her in it just brings me so much joy.

Garden Themed Playroom

MWW: How long did it take to complete your project?

Carolyn: about a week

MWW: Do you have a favorite scene or element in the mural?

Carolyn: My favorite part is actually the hills. I couldn't believe how easy it was and how much depth it added to the mural. Your YouTube videos really helped with that!

MWW: Have you ever used other stickers or stencils before from other companies? How do ours stack up?

Carolyn: I've used other stickers and they just don't hold up to my girl, but this painted mural is going to last forever!

What a great testimonial to our products! Carolyn tells us they also purchased some extra animal stencils to use in Emily's ABA Therapy/playroom. Sometimes a room is more than just a room! We adore these murals and are thrilled that the princess room can be a safe haven for Emily. Whether you have a knack for DIY projects or you are a total novice, our stencils can help you to create an equally beautiful space for your child. Don’t feel like painting? We have princess wall decal kits as well as many other kids room themes and watch for matching accessories in the coming months as well.

Princess Themed Bedroom MuralKids Painting Jungle Themed Wall Mural