Meet the Artist Behind These Beautiful Floral Still Life Art Decals - Pieter Wagemans

by Tara Woodbury on July 01, 2015

Pieter Wagemans

Pieter Wagemans is an award winning Belgian illustrator, graphic artist and painter who has had a love of art since childhood. Crediting his father for his natural born gift, Pieter was a promising young artist and attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp starting at the age of 15. His still life paintings are now mainly of floral compositions painted from his studio in Antwerp, Belgium. Pieter’s work is strongly influenced by his study of artists such as David de Heem Willem Heda and Rachael Ruys and he takes pride in painting his flowers with old world techniques.

His passion for capturing the ever changing flower on canvas with his paintbrush shines through his work and has made his art a beautiful addition to our collection of wall decals. For anyone with a love of fine art floral paintings, who can’t hang art on their walls for whatever reason, Pieter’s art in the form of fabric wall decals are a perfect solution. You can choose from such life like art as Roses, showing romantic pink roses in a white porcelain pitcher or Silence, a beautiful arrangement of red and yellow and white tulips in a clear glass vase. These fine floral art decals would look stunning in any home or office. Read more about the artist below and then check out the Pieter Wagemans Collection of wall decals available on our site.

My Wonderful Walls: Where were you born?

Pieter Wagemans: Merksem , Belgium

MWW: Where do you live now?

PW: Antwerp, Belgium

MWW: Were you always interested in art? When did it turn professional?

PW: I was always interested since a young age and went to academy to study art when I was 15. I became a professional artist after academy.

MWW: What inspires your art?

PW: Realism – nature and people

Tulip Art Decal

MWW: What is your favorite subject matter to paint?  

PW:  Flowers

MWW: What is your preferred medium?

PW: I only paint with oils.

MWW: Can you describe your artistic environment?

PW: I live in a quite environment, with a lot of green nature and work in my art studio every day. When the light is not good, during winter for example, I use photography lighting to help bring the contrast of light and shadow to my flowers.

MWW: What is the best time of day for you to create?

PW: I paint 8 hours a day.

MWW: What are some of your other interests?

PW: Technology and music

MWW: What’s your favorite food?

PW: Fish and French food!

MWW: Do you live solely off your art or do you have another job/career?

PW: I live solely from art and have many clients all over the world. My best gallery is in London, Gladwell & Patterson.

MWW: How would you describe your art?

PW: Hyper-realistic art and romantic inspiration

MWW: Where can people see more of your work?

PW: On my artist website,

Magnolia Art DecalMake sure to check out this artist’s beautiful work on his site and the collection of decals featuring the art of Pieter Wagemans only at My Wonderful Walls.


Roses Art Decal