Our Boys' Outer Space Room - Step by Step

by Stephanie Goins on January 05, 2012

Out of this World Kids

This summer our 2 boys became obsessed with space. This was probably mostly due to the fact that we were working on the outer space wall stickers at the time, and we went to them often for input. They wanted fast, no, VERY fast rockets. They wanted color and sparkle. They wanted friendly aliens. They wanted wacky. They wanted vehicles. They wanted stars, lots of stars. After months of tweaking and designing, the space kit was complete, and the boys LOVE it. (Yes, we realize that our kids will grow up with a warped sense of what is normal … “What do you mean, mama? Other kids don’t have big plotters and cutters and a team of designer that work for them to create whatever wall design they want. Hmm? Weird”.)

painting boys roomNext, it was time to begin the room prep. Michael, being Michael, didn’t just want a simple background. So he got creative and painted a great two-tone moonscape full of large and funky moon rocks.


1. Painted the main wall color (floor to ceiling) and let dry.
2. Used chalk to draw the outline of the moonscape.
3. Used a small paint roller and painted in the chalk lines.
4. Used a bristle brush and add shading and depth to the scene.

DIY Wall MuralsNow, the fun part: Putting the stickers on the walls. It was very exciting to see how fast it all came together. After a bit of standing back and rearranging and more standing back and rearranging, we had the stickers up in about 15 minutes. Adrian, our littlest, was home for this and got in on the action. We gave him the task of putting up the little stars, and he loved being able to help. And wow, wow, wow, we were so pleased with how it turned out.

Then, of course, we couldn’t just stop with the space theme stickers. Again Michael, being Michael, had some simple ideas to make this space room really pop.

The Extras:
1. We purchased a black light to make the stickers glow at night ($30-Lowe’s).

glow in dark space room
2. We installed a rope light at the top of the ceiling for a neat lighting effect ($25-Lowe’s).

Rope Light For Space Room
3. We purchased a 50-count pack of plastic glow-in-the-dark stars ($5-online). We drilled a little hole in each and hung them from the ceiling with fishing wire and silver thumb tacks at varying lengths.

Glow in The Dark Stars for Space Room Ceiling

4. We also spray painted all the outlet covers silver.

Silver Spray Paint for Space Room


Now, that the space walls were done, it was time to bring in the furniture and accessories. Being in the business that we are in, we tend to change our rooms quite frequently, so we didn’t want to invest too much money into bedding or other room décor. We purchased some simple silver shelving and collected silver accessories and space themed toys from around the house to give the room its finished space-aged look.

I’ll say that we were all pleased with the end result. The kids go to bed each night with their black on under a glow-in-the dark & starry-filled, dreaming of zooming rockets, new worlds and exciting space adventures.

Go Space!

 outer space room

planet stickers

rocket sticker

personalized space sign space wall mural boys space room mural