A Perfect Playroom For Daddy’s Little Princess


Princess Playroom Mural

Every little girl dreams of becoming a Princess one day, and with the help of the Perfectly Princess Wall Stickers, Johnny and Rachel, a couple from Lansing, North Carolina, were able to make that dream for their two-year-old daughter, Emmaline, come true.

After discovering that Emmaline’s toys were overwhelming her bedroom, Johnny and Rachel decided to turn their family ‘movie room’ into a playroom for their little Princess. However, they wanted it to be a surprise, so they kept her away from the room, and only worked on it while she away. Because of this reason, creating a Perfectly Princess Playroom for Emmaline took the couple three months to complete. However, they were truly satisfied when it was all said and done, and Emmaline was amazed on Christmas morning when the time came for the big reveal.

After a bad experience with other types of wall stickers in the past, Johnny and Rachel were reluctant to try stickers again. Rachel commented that the other brand of wall stickers tore, ripped the paint off the walls, and was an all-around complete disaster. However, as the couple admittedly lacks in artistic abilities, they decided to do a Google search to see if they could find something better. Rachel came across the My Wonderful Walls website, and after reading the amazing reviews from prior customers they decided to give wall stickers a second chance.

The wall stickers from My Wonderful Walls are made from SafeCling™, an innovative fabric that does not stretch, tear or peel paint from your walls. In fact, Rachel mentioned that while some of the larger walls stickers in the Perfectly Princess Wall Sticker Kit, such as the castle, required more than one set of hands to place, they were able to peel it off and reposition it with ease.

Even though My Wonderful Walls offers the same Princess theme as wall mural stencils, Rachel and Johnny chose the wall stickers, because they, “loved the fact the stickers were removable and repositionable.” They felt that if they ever wanted to rearrange the layout of Emmaline’s playroom, they could easily remove the wall stickers and replace them elsewhere, without any hassle.

For a little Princess who loves to play dress up and use her, “vivid imagination,” as her mother says, the Perfectly Princess Wall Sticker Kit was the perfect idea. The couple was especially satisfied with the idea that they could have the stickers personalized with their daughter’s name, as Emmaline is quite a unique name, and is difficult to find on traditional personalized products.

To make the room even more unique for her, Rachel and Johnny decided to add their own personal touch - a river flowing through the hills where the Frog Prince now resides. The couple mentioned that although they are not artsy, they found that painting the rolling hills and even freehand painting the river was quite easy, both adding even more dimension to the wall mural.

Rachel also mentioned that she would recommend My Wonderful Walls to friends and family – it definitely made for them a Christmas morning they will never forget!


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  • Stephanie Goins
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