The Monsters Have Left The Closet

by Stephanie Goins on February 29, 2012

Monster Wall Stickers

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, the monsters have escaped from the closet and made their way to the walls – My Wonderful Walls, to be exact. Fortunately, for little boys and girls across the world, these are friendly monsters – not the scary ones!! My Wonderful Walls would like to introduce you to Switch, Mumzy, Hugbsy, Fred, Gus, Wormdexter, Burty, Ginger, Noogie, Oddwall and Peep – the newest line of characters they have created in their new Monster Town Wall Sticker Kit.

When it comes to monsters and little kids, you never know how they are going to react – some are scared, some laugh, and some just plain cry. We would like to ensure you that these little creatures, who live in a place known as Monster Town, are the most friendly, colorful monsters your child will ever meet. They are very excited to have been created to instill imaginative play in your children to help them learn and grow into MONSTerrific individuals.

In fact, our reporter caught up with the Monsters to see what they had to say about moving into your child's bedroom or playroom. Here's how the conversations went:


SwitchReporter: Switch, any particular thoughts on where you want to go in your new home?

Switch: I hope I get placed by the light switch, so I can help the little munchkins remember to turn the lights off when they leave the room!


MumzyReporter: Mumzy, with a flower as beautiful as the one you have on your head, do you have any particular place you would like to go?

Mumzy: Definitely, as one of the few monster gals, I really hope to be in a girl's room to prove that Monsters can be a Girl's Best Friend!


HugsbyReporter: Hugbsy, aren't you such a cute little monster! What do you think about moving?

Hugsby: I agree with Mumzy, but I'm a great fit in any room, because of my HUG-ABILITY!


FredReporter: Fred, I've been told you're a monster of few words. Would you like the kids to know anything about you?

Fred: Roar!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!


GusReporter: Gus, you're always waving and smiling that toothy grin, huh?

Gus: You bet! Hi-ya kids!


WormdexterReporter: Wormdexter, those are quite lovely glasses you have!

Wormdexter: Why thank you. I use them to read books, and I usually give four thumbs up to any book!


BurtyReporter: Burty, you remind me of a chicken, why is that?

Burty: I'm not – BAWK – sure why that – BAWK – is BAWK-BAWK!


GingerReporter: Ginger, what a lovely name, and a great smile you have! What would you like to say to the little kids who's room you may end up in?

Ginger: Even though I'm a girl, I'm the perfect fit for a boy's room or a girl's room, because I'm just so silly to be around!


NoogieReporter: Noogie, that is some very interesting hair you have there.

[Noogie looked in the mirror]

Noogie: AAAAHHHHH, what happened to my hair? Oh wait, I always have a bad hair day!


OddwallReporter: Oddwall… that's an interesting name.

Oddwall: Yeah, I was named after my mom, Oddessa, and my dad, Wallace, I think.


PeepReporter: Peep, you are just about the cutest little monster I've seen all day.

Peep: Thank you! I sure hope I can keep the kids cheery with my wide smile and wiggly eyeballs.


As you can see, these monsters are ready to come play with your children, and increase imaginative play! All you need is our Monster Town Wall Sticker Kit!