Grandparents Create A Purrrrfect Space For Their Granddaughter

by Stephanie Goins on March 06, 2012

Splendid Garden Stickers

Every day parents who have created wonderful rooms for their children flood the email inbox at My Wonderful Walls. However, recently we received an email from a set of grandparents – Pappy and Gigi – who wanted to create a room for their 5-year-old granddaughter Clara.

Clara loves butterflies and wanted white fluffy clouds in her room, so her grandmother scoured the Internet and found My Wonderful Walls and their Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Kit. Although Gigi would have liked a ladybug included, she really loved the tall purple flowers and the little brown mouse, not to mention the many butterflies that Clara wanted.

They chose the wall stickers over the wall stencils because they produce instant gratification and can be easily taken down when the time comes. Because Clara wanted large clouds – and plenty of them – her grandparents decided to paint the clouds on as opposed to using the wall stickers that came in the Splendid Garden Wall Sticker Kit. Her grandmother searched the Internet yet again and found a video of Bob Ross painting the exact type of clouds Clara wanted, and was able to recreate them in the room, adding her own personal touch.

It took approximately one hour to complete Clara's room, and although her grandmother was able to place many of the stickers herself, she was happy to have her husband's help placing some of the larger ones. She also found it funny that she kept placing the wall stickers with a right slant, which her husband pointed out. However, due to the SafeCling™ material the stickers are made from, they simply peeled them off and corrected them – after all, they did not want Clara's special place looking as though a straight line wind had come through.

When it was time for the big reveal, Clara was very excited.  Gigi says she loves the room, particularly the little brown mouse and the butterflies.

To entice Clara to visit even more – aside from such a wonderful place to grow, play and imagine – her grandparents recently acquired a cat named Syball. Luckily, Syball had been declawed before moving in, because she finds the tree very tempting and often tries to climb it when nobody is looking.

Clara's grandmother was particularly pleased with the quality of shipping offered by My Wonderful Walls, noting that the stickers came in a container, which protected them from any possible damage, not to mention the ease of use and the amazing colors the stickers are comprised of.

For a set of grandparents who love their children, grandchildren, and of course their pets, they could not be more pleased with the room. Their original intention of influencing their granddaughter to stay more – which their son definitely pointed out – was the whole point! They have discovered that creating this room not only gave Clara an amazing place to come visit, but an outdoor-like space for Syball, the cat, too. According to Clara's Gigi, "this has worked out purrrrrrfectly!"