Texas Girl Has Forest Oasis In Her Bedroom

by Stephanie Goins on May 29, 2012

Forest Friends Girls RoomEveryone knows what Texas is like - desert, brown, tumbleweeds with a lack of grass, trees and forests.  The animals consist of scorpions, armadillos and chameleons, not the cute, fuzzy animals of the forest like bunnies, butterflies and owls.

However, one little girl now has the best of both worlds.  Living in Texas, but a lover of flowers, birds, butterflies, owls and much, much, more, Ava has been a little disappointed with her surroundings.  Now that she is a 'big girl' at the age of 2, to be exact, her mom Sally and dad Eric, decided it was time to redecorate her room, in the hopes of creating a forest oasis with all the critters she loves.

After purchasing bedding for Ava's room, which contained trees and owls, her parents beegan searching the internet for some decorating ideas, where they found My Wonderful Walls.  Sally and Eric chose the Forest Friends Wall Mural Stencil Kit, as Eric is quite artistic, and it held the exact little critters to complete a forest oasis in the desert. 

They decided to go with wall stencils because they liked the freedom of being able to choose their own colors and add even more personal touches. Also, they could put as many critters in the room and were not limited by the number of stencils, as they can be used again and again, not to mention the permanency of paint as opposed to stickers.  As some of Ava's favorite animals were the butterflies, owls and birds, her dad decided to add more details to them, personalizing more.

Following a weekend and a few days, the room was completed and Ava was allowed to see her forest theme room for the first time.  She was completely thrilled to see all the animals, especially the ones that are rare in Texas. She absolutely loves her little critters and was very proud of her daddy for creating it!  She now takes visitors to the home up to her room and says, "This is my roooooom!" 

Eric and Sally did take a few tips from the My Wonderful Walls Staff and past customers, commenting that the tip about using a hairdryer to help the paint dry faster was terrific.  In communicating with the staff, Sally mentioned they were very helpful and the product was exactly as described - wonderful!

Her parents have created a green luscious forest oasis.  This offers her not only a place to play and interact with the critters on her walls, but a refreshing break from the desert that is Texas. We here at My Wonderful Walls love being able to brighten the lives of children and their families. We also love getting to hear about the fun renovation process, so if you have a story you would like to share with us, shoot us an email – who knows; you may be the next one featured on our blog!

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