Drastic Decluttering: Easy Steps to Organizing Your Life!

by Stephanie Goins on June 05, 2012

The urge to redecorate or renovate your home is not always predictable, but it is certainly powerful. When the need to revamp hits, it usually comes with the realization that your home may not be in prime condition for refurbishing. Life gets busy, and – inevitably - our lives become unorganized in the process of living. Before you set out to redecorate, here are some easy-to-follow tips to organizing your home and life that will lead to amazing and successful results in no time!

Spring Cleaning and OrganizingKeeping a kid’s room clean
While this may seem impossible, there are many options available for helping to keep the chaos of a much-played-in room somewhat organized. We suggest making clean up as exciting as a day at the zoo! With this toy pet cage, kids not only have a great space for clearing a room, but they can admire their handy work afterwards too!

Bringing order to the bathroom
It’s not uncommon for the bathroom to host some of the smallest dimensions of any room in the house. In fact, some bathrooms don’t have enough space for even the tiniest of cabinets. If you’re one of many people looking for a place to merely hang your towel, look no further than a sturdy basket. Hanging towel baskets on the bathroom walls can double as cabinet space and towel hooks at the same time. These well-placed baskets can even add an artistic edge to a freshly painted surface.

Chaos in the craft room
It’s fun to consider the possibilities redecorating your craft room holds, but containing the pre-decorating chaos might be another story. If you’re looking to bring order to your creative space, consider using fun and colorful craft boxes that can be labeled according to specific supplies. Not only will it keep your affairs in order, but it will free up your room and your mind for important décor endeavors in the future.

Lightening the load in the living room
When it comes to keeping your living room in order, the bigger the family, the larger the mess! Try using an over-sized shelf that has a designated space for every person in the family as a way to keep your loved ones from creating an unmanageable jungle of junk. Gone are the days of combined books, homework, games, and gadgets. Now everyone has their own personalized space in a room made to share.

 Cleaning up after cooks
The kitchen is made to create messes, however keeping cooking utensils handy is not always the easiest task when flour is flying. To bring order to your kitchen, try hanging up items that are necessary, but not necessarily easy to store. Rolling pins, pastry tools, and measuring cups, to name a few, can be set aside for later use in a way that is both practical and pretty.

Chalk it up to organization
If you’re tired of wasting wall space with sticky notes, or scribbled whiteboard notes, try replacing all of that with a full-size chalkboard. This writeable wall will give your entire family a way to stay in touch and keep organized, even when schedules and those that keep them are going in a million different directions.