From Infant to Toddler – This Flower Garden Room Has Grown Up Too!

by Stephanie Goins on June 06, 2012

girls flower wall mural

As we await the arrival of our precious bundles, we prepare a nursery that is perfect, but in just a few short years, they have outgrown the nursery scene and are ready for a toddler bed, which often means redecorating! One mother of three from Raleigh, NC, found the perfect room for her daughter, Lizzy that has grown with her from infant to toddler with sheer perfection. When Jen and her husband Ken were expecting Lizzy, who is now two, she found My Wonderful Walls.

Jen, who is an artist by nature, has always wanted to paint a mural. With such a busy life being the mother of a teenage son with Asperger's, having morning sickness during her pregnancy, moving into a new home and working fulltime, she knew she wouldn't have time. Thankfully, she found My Wonderful Walls' Splendid Garden Wall Mural Stencils, and she knew she would be able to accomplish her goal! Let us not forget the help her big brother Tyler offered as well – while she was working on the mural, Tyler and Ken were putting together the crib for Lizzy!

Although it did take her from Thanksgiving to Easter to complete the nursery in time for Lizzy's arrival she couldn't have been happier. The wall mural stencil kit gave her some guidance and a theme/scene for her to go on, offering something both creative and beautiful. The one recommendation Jen had was about the picket fences and the grass pieces. She said, if possible, order extra ones, so you can line them all up and just keep going. She also thought about using painter's tape to continue along the fence lines to save time, but unfortunately she thought about that after the fact.

During the time it took Jen to paint, she found it very relaxing to escape to the flower theme nursery, sit on the floor and work her way around the room. In fact, she says she found it both "peaceful and WONDERFUL!" Each day as she added a new component to the room, she became more excited about both the room and knowing they were one step closer to the arrival of their beautiful little girl.

Because the wall mural stencil kits offer such great versatility, Jen was able to incorporate her own ideas, making a few changes. In particular, she added a Clemson orange tiger paw to the bird house for her husband's alma mater, made an archway over her daughter's crib by flipping one of the trees and adding additional branches to both, making them even bigger and painted a window scene in the center of the wall unit, where the changing table was originally, making diaper-changing a breeze!

Even after two years of looking at the mural, Jen still loves it, and so does Lizzy! It was never a 'baby' room, but a relaxing nursery that has transformed seamlessly into a bedroom for her two year old daughter. Her favorite are the trees that she draped over Lizzy's bed, and Lizzy's favorite is the frog.

Over the last two years, Jen's family has grown even more to include an 8-month-old son, Trey, who's room she is currently working on using the Paws Park Stencil Kit she purchased from My Wonderful Walls, of course. Again, she is adding her own personal touches by making it a ball park and dog park! She also plans on using the Under the Sea Stencil Kit in the jack-and-Jill bathroom between their rooms. We are so proud to have helped this busy mother of three on her journey to complete these awesome rooms – Kudos to her and her hubby for a job well done!

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flower wall stencils

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