International Inspirations: wall stickers are making their way to Mumbai

by Stephanie Goins on June 13, 2012

Jungle Safari Wall Mural

At My Wonderful Walls, we love hearing success stories from all our clients, but we were particularly happy to hear that our wall sticker collections were bringing smiles to faces all the way in Mumbai!

Amol, who lives in India with his family, was on a grand search for wall art to decorate the room of his twin daughters Saanvi and Deeta. At six years old, the girls are creative and inspired and Amol wanted to find wall decorations that reflected their dynamic personalities. Having no luck with local searches, Amol came across My Wonderful Walls through our Etsy store and from there, was pleased to find a variety of our colorful and creative wall stickers right at his fingertips!

He immediately showed his girls what he and found and the consensus was instantaneous: everyone in the family Twin Girls New Roomhad fallen in love with the Jungle wall stickers & Forest Friends wall stickers. In preparation for an annual scholastic celebration, both Saanvi and Deeta were studying The Jungle Book in school and had landed roles in the play. Their attachment to the Jungle décor wasn’t hard to miss and the next day, they were so excited about their new walls, they made time at school to host a discussion about how they should go about creating the animal pictures themselves.

We love that our creative foundation stickers can be used by children and families to provoke an endless amount of imagination. Amol, following in this line of thinking, was pleased with how easy to apply, re-position, and remove the wall stickers were. This meant that Saanvi and Deeta were able to help create the wall alongside their parents. In fact, the family found they had more stickers than what they needed for their mural, and are currently finding creative ways to apply these stickers to windows at the request of their girls. We can’t wait for the pictures of how the family is using wall stickers in new and exciting ways!

Saanvi and Deeta were reveling in their new jungle-themed room in less than a day. In fact, the entire project was completed in less than 10-hours. For Amol, his wife and daughters, the work behind the sticker mural was simple and the results were nothing short of amazing. To add a special 3-D effect to their creation, the family commissioned a painter to add a series of rolling hills to the wall. Combined with both the jungle and forest friend stickers, the result was a wild mix of animals, colors, and creativity!

At My Wonderful Walls, we don’t believe that distance should keep anyone from creativity. Whether you’re living next door or across the ocean, we’ll find a way to make sure your walls are wearing the stickers or stencils of your choice. When we heard that Amol was interested in our Jungle stickers, we knew that teamwork was the answer, and we are so happy to see that the work paid off and Saanvi and Deeta have a Jungle themed room of their very own.

 Thank you for allowing us into your home and sharing this beautiful story with us!