One Family + One Company = Two Happy Endings

by Stephanie Goins on June 20, 2012

Dinosaur and Train Room Makeover

When they first moved into their new home in Mountain Home, Idaho, Tristan age 5 and Wyatt age 4, were sharing a bedroom and using the other as a playroom. However, their mom, Brittni, decided it was time for them to have their own space, and planned on moving them into separate bedrooms. What is even more fun is that she let them choose the theme, which they loved doing!

Tristan, who had recently taken an interest in dinosaurs, chose dinosaurs, of course. On the other hand, his younger brother Wyatt was in love with trains, thus chose trains for his room. As a mother of self-proclaimed little artistic ability, Brittni was happy with her sons' choices, as she found My Wonderful Walls on Facebook and knew they had each of the boys' choices.

Although both the Dinosaur theme and the Transportation theme come in either the wall sticker kit or the wall stencil kit, Brittni chose the wall stencil kits for each room. She felt that the stencil kits added a little more flexibility in creativity, as she could change the colors, and would also allow her to place as many dinosaurs in Tristan's room and as many trains in Wyatt's room as she wanted.

 In order to surprise the boys, Brittni's husband took them to his father's house for the weekend. Brittni then had her best friend Yvonne come over on a Friday night and they began the project. After washing the walls and covering up some crayon drawings with primer, the two friends began painting the base colors. Once the walls were dry, they were able to begin painting the stencils.

Although they had to touch-up a few spots, as the walls were textured and the stencils didn't completely seal, they had many laughs and good times, and were able to complete both rooms by Sunday. During the project, Brittni most loved painting the T-rex in Tristan's room, as it is his favorite dinosaur. For Wyatt, she enjoyed adding many trains from the Transportation Theme Wall Stencil Kit, as those are his favorites as well.

When the boys arrived home from their grandfather's, they were unbelievable surprised and excited to see their rooms transformed into works of art. Tristan began going around the room and naming off each dinosaur one by one. In the other room, Wyatt couldn't have been happier with his personal train collection.

Together, Brittni and Yvonne found the project very simple to complete and were satisfied with the versatility of the stencils – as they could use them more than once and change up the colors. Overall, Brittni was happy with the way the rooms turned out, and since she didn't really pay attention to sizes when she purchased the stencil kits, was pleasantly surprised at how large some of the dinos were.

Congratulations to this Idaho family! We are so glad to have been a part of your fun DIY project, and we hope that your boys continue to learn and grow in their wonderful new rooms!

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