Space-themed room brings out the astronaut in one little boy

by Stephanie Goins on June 24, 2012

space theme wall stencilsIn a galaxy far, far away, a 4 ½ year-old astronaut named Aaryan from Westford, Massachusetts has discovered a planet all his own. On this planet, there are aliens, stars, constellations, and so much more to be explored. The best part of his adventure? He doesn’t even have to leave his room!

Aaryan’s mom, Amanda, has always known that Aaryan had a big love for the expansive world of space. So when it came time to redesign his room, she didn’t have any doubts that the theme would be inspired by the intergalactic dreams and stories that Aaryan loves to create and tell. In fact, Aaryan is a little boy who loves science documentaries just as much as he adores cartoons or PBS family shows.

So with extraterrestrial hopes in mind, Aaryan and Amanda visited My Wonderful Walls where Aaryan was happy to find the Outrageous Space Wall Mural Stencil Kit, a design that could take him to the moon. At 4 ½, he is fascinated at how the moon rises during the night and moves across the earth by day. The space stencils that Aaryan chose not only portray the sky he loves, but give him the opportunity to visualize some of his most creative imaginings in his own room.

In his free time, Aaryan loves to make up stories about space travel, and Amanda was thrilled to find pieces of those stories available in the wall stencil patterns she purchased. His favorite stories involve long journeys in space ships, and stories about an astronaut who lands on the moon, rides a moon buggy, and discovers glow worms. As his favorite constellation to be Orion, Amanda set out to create a space-tastic world with stencils that would allow her son’s imagination to soar.

Amanda loved the idea of decorating with wall stencils because she had the option of using images repeatedly as needed. Using star stencils, Amanda was able to create a twinkling rendition of her son’s space adventures. With the added benefit of 12-foot ceilings to work with, Amanda took over the primary role of decorator while Aaryan helped with creative direction. Over the course of four days, Amanda painted the walls and then used the stencils to create the mural at her own pace.

While Amanda doesn’t credit herself as being overly artistic, she felt comfortable using the stencils as a guide for honing in on her own creativity. Using only two small star stencils, she was able to create four constellations for her little astronaut, which include both the Little and Big Dippers, Gemini, and, of course, Orion. Incorporating constellations into her design will also give Aaryan the educational leap start to reach for the stars when it comes to expanding his scientific horizon.

Amanda was ecstatic when Aaryan saw the finished product and exclaimed, “Mom, this is so cool! You made my story on the wall.” Amanda’s final personalized touch was to add the words ‘Planet Aaryan’ to a planet flag that stands proudly next to a green alien above the dresser. Now, any other astronauts or extraterrestrials that land nearby will know that this galaxy belongs to Aaryan.

Thanks, Aaryan and Amanda, for sharing your great space room and story with us!

space theme wall stencils

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