Turning Your décor Inside Out

by Stephanie Goins on July 13, 2012

Summer is upon us, and there’s never been a better time than now to start thinking about transforming your backyard into a place of fun for all ages! While our customers might assume that our stickers, stencils and canvas art are made exclusively for interior decorating, we’re happy to inspire you to turn your décor ideas inside out. Instead of sticking solely to bedroom walls, why not take some of our nature-themed murals, stencils and art and give your outdoor décor new life as well? Turn a bland yard into a brilliant spot to host friends, family and events with these simple hints and tips.

Painting the rain away
Who said that a rainy summer day means your yard has to be off limits? At My Wonderful Walls, we believe that surface decorations have the power to bring a brilliant twist to any room or space. That being said, it would be well worth your time to take a little bright paint to that beige shed or garage that looms in your backyard. Once the paint dries, adding a few colorful bird stencils will make your yard shine even in a summer storm! Stenciling on a bird or two to your shed can give the impression that your yard is always a place of joy, even if the rain is pouring down.

Daffodil StickerBe carefree with your color scheme!
Our friends at Better Homes and Gardens believe that a bright umbrella alone can spruce up a backyard and add an exotic flare to your overall theme. At My Wonderful Walls, we agree and would love to add our own take to the idea. If you’re not currently in the market for buying new, colorful outdoor furniture, simply add our garden-themed stickers to any solid surface for a rejuvenating effect. A daffodil trio added to a tabletop may be all it takes to turn an old piece of outdoor furniture into a full-fledged summer conversation starter at your next barbeque!

Acknowledge the power of the pillow
It’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars redecorating your outdoor patio in order to get ready to host the event of the summer. Instead, take some time to choose an accent color and simple invest in well-placed pillows. Bright and bold accent pillows can be placed throughout a backyard to give a traditional space a modern, brilliant twist. Place the pillows on benches, lounge chairs or even next to potted plants to create a soft and comfortable atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Feel free to mix and match pillows to accent different flowers that may be in bloom or to bring attention to a fabulous new umbrella or table setting. Accent pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to bring color and creativity to your backyard.

To add an even more creative edge, consider hanging one of our dynamic wall art canvases on a garage wall or porch while you’re hosting a party. Not only will you add to the overall color scheme, but it will make your guests feel as though you’ve brought the comfort of your home into your own backyard!