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classic nursery wall stickers

We are unbelievably excited to announce the release of our newest sticker set: the Classic Nursery Collection! While many of our sets are bright and modern, these adorable stickers call to mind simpler and more…well…classic times. We have all grown up with quintessential childhood toys and scenes ingrained in our minds – things such as dolls, teddy bears, bunny rabbits, trains, and carousels – and our goal was to bring those classic and timeless things to life so that children today can enjoy them at their best.

First up is the train wall sticker set, which is a darling little engine and car set that looks as though it just popped out of the pages of The Little Engine That Could. Likewise, our vintage carousel decal set is so real and fun looking that you can almost hear the carnival music playing in the background when you close your eyes to listen. Another set with three hot air balloons is just waiting to take children’s imaginations to soaring new heights.

A pair of bears decals and a pair of rabbit stickers are two other fun sets from this collection that are just begging to be brought into an imaginative child’s play land. Joyful and jolly, both of these duos are as timeless as they are cuddly. The same is true of our stork wall stickers, which – with their precious bundles in tow – are sure to delight children of all ages with their gangly legs and goofy, fun-loving faces.

The little boy and girl doll pair are too cute for words, really. They would look great paired with any of the other sets, but especially with the vintage toy set that was truly made for their inquisitive and playful little minds and hands. The only catch will be that your little ones will undoubtedly want some vintage toy of their own to play with too!

Each of our nine Classic Nursery vignettes is available in four fun new color schemes: Chestnut, Blush, Spring, and Tutu. The Chestnut set is brown and blue, the Blush set is brown and pink, the Spring set is blue, green, and yellow, and the Tutu set is, of course, a grand pink display that any princess or ballerina would love.

While all of our sets are available individually, they all look great together too, so feel free to mix and match several sets to create walls that are uniquely you! The color schemes are all colorful yet neutral, allowing the sets to match with virtually any existing color scheme that you have in mind or that already exists in the room the stickers will be living in.

As with all of our other sticker sets, the Classic Nursery sticker decal sets are made out of our special SafeCling fabric that is unbelievably resistant to tearing and fading. They are also easily repositionable, which is handy when the time comes to move furniture around in the room or maybe even to move houses as a whole, since the stickers can move right along with you.

We hope you are as excited about this new collection as we are here at My Wonderful Walls; long live vintage!


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  • Stephanie Goins
Comments 7
  • gdenmscwos

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Lily @Militaryfamof8
    Lily @Militaryfamof8

    I absolutely love this! and my daughter isn’t a baby but she would just love this on her wall, with the exception of the stork lol. here from

  • Alisha L.
    Alisha L.

    This is gorgeous! The Pastel Dolls are Perfect for a little girls room :)

  • Candace Clark
    Candace Clark

    This is an adorable new collection. I esecially like the hot air balloons, clouds, and carousel. It would be perfect for any nursery – for a baby boy or girl.

  • TaniaM

    I love all of them!!

  • angela heffner
    angela heffner

    I love this new collection. I am try to conceive and think this is so cute!

  • Fiona N
    Fiona N

    I really love this new collection, especially a pair of bears decals and a pair of rabbit stickers. It looks super cute! Awesome!!!

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