Natural Inspiration

by Stephanie Goins on March 31, 2012

Bee on FlowerEvery spring and summer we spend a lot of time taking care of the outside of our homes. We paint, we plant, and we groom. Why not take some of that effort and put it inside as well? This year, let us focus on the concept of Natural Inspiration! Bring some of what you're doing outside to the inside of your home simply by adding a few simple splashes of color, flowers, or kids' projects, or even by redecorating with stickers or stencils from My Wonderful Walls!

Spring and summertime is all about colors, specifically bright, vibrant colors. Add a pop of color to each room with some brightly color pillows, painting, or by adding some colorful prints. Colors to consider include bright yellows, pinks, blues, greens and purples. Think about the different shades of flowers you have planted in your flower gardens and bring them into your home. For a unique wall idea, check out some of the beautiful papers available at any scrapbooking or craft store and place the colorful papers inside chunky matching frames for a unified yet unique set of wall art prints.

We all know that spring and summer is about flowers blossoming in nature's environment. We spend several hours planting and maintaining our outdoor flower gardens, but this year let’s bring them inside by creating an indoor garden with a planter box, flowers, and terrariums! Flowers that thrive indoors and provide that summery décor and color you're looking for range from lily of the valley to winter jasmine and gardenias. You will also have the added benefit of natural room fresheners, as these flowers all give off amazing fragrances!

Gardening With KidsKIDS' PROJECTS
You can also get your kids involved in a natural home makeover, which is fun for both you and them. A lot of what is perfect for the spring and summertime involves outdoor projects, such as making a birdhouse and planting a veggie garden, which often gets them more interested in vegetables – they may even eat them! One indoor project you can work on with them too is an indoor herb garden in a flower planter box. Once your veggies and herbs are ready, you can get your kids involved in cooking using the vegetables and herbs they have helped plant and grow!

Another great way to add life to your home by looking to the great outdoors for natural inspiration, is to use some of the wall sticker sets from My Wonderful Walls. Some great options include various Flower Garden Themes, our Bugs and Blossoms theme, and our Forest Friends Theme, all of which are perfect for bringing the beauty and whimsy of nature right onto the walls of your home!

Now that you have some great ideas for sprucing up your home inside and out, it's time to get started. Get up, go outside, and take in everything you see – the colors of the flowers in your yard, the flowers themselves, and the colors that nature brings during this enlightening season, and let your imagination go wild! Your home will soon boast the colors and joys of spring and summertime through the natural inspiration you find just outside your door.