Spotlight: Every little girl wants a gorgeous garden to call her own!

by Stephanie Goins on June 04, 2012

tree stencilWhen Michele and Vinny found out they were expecting a baby girl, they wanted to honor her arrival by gracing her nursery walls with a gorgeous garden scene in their New Jersey home.

With high hopes that baby Aibhlinn would open her eyes each and every day to scenes of flowers and bugs that would brighten her world and mind, they perused their choices with great care. They finally settled on the Bugs and Blossoms stencils with a little help from all of us here at My Wonderful Walls!

We are passionate about all of our playful wall stickers and wall stencils, Michele and Vinny were determined to leave a permanent artistic mark for their daughter. They decided to go for the stencils because they liked the idea of a little creative freedom on their walls while creating something that would last a long time.

Over the course of a couple very exciting weeks, Michele and Vinny worked side by side and poured their hearts into their stencil creation. While they weren’t able to ask little Aibhlinn exactly what she thought of their efforts right off the bat, they did bring in their 2-year-old niece to check things out; she loved the room so much that she did not want to leave!

While friends of the family who also have children had confessed to Michele and Vinny that they had invested large amounts of money in hiring professionals to do wall work, this dynamic couple rests happily in the knowledge that not only have they created a dream nursery for their first born, but they completed their creative endeavor together. Not only is this room a beautiful token of their love for a child they’re waiting to meet, constructing the stencil mural was a great way for them to spend time together before life gets busy with their new little one.

While there are inevitably a lot of baby facts that expectant couples worry about, Michele and Vinny found the wall decorating process to be fun and stress free, which is exactly the way we want it to be! Their tip for other couples looking to stencil walls is not to sweat the small stuff. There are no rules when it comes to creativity, and this applies to our stencils as well.

Michele and Vinny felt they had a free pass to design and paint in any way they felt comfortable, and it definitely paid off with their fantastic results. Their only regret? The fact that they don’t have more wall space to expand their growing nursery garden.

Adding personal touches to a stencil mural can really make a room magical. Michele and Vinny took their own creative direction by painting a shining sun and by adding Aibhlinn’s name to the wall in wooden block letters.

We wish Michele, Vinny, and Aibhlinn many beautiful memories in their brand new baby nursery mural. What a lucky little girl to have been born into a world where she’ll wake up to a secret garden of her very own each and every day. May those bugs and blossoms always bring you joy and happiness!

 flower room mural

flower room mural